Slizer Battle Management System is a real time tactics game being developed for PC.

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Slizer: BMS features a minimalistic art style which tries to emulate various fictional “battle management systems”, or BMS. computer systems that allow military commanders to view or help give orders during a battle. Futuristic science fiction BMSs from various franchises influenced the art style used.

Its gameplay is a mixture of real time strategy, squad based strategy, tactics and naval combat games. Part of the inspiration for making this game was to make an RTS game without the high stress of both micromanaging units and macromanaging an economy at an extremely fast pace. This game instead separates the two so economy and production are dealt with outside of battles with no time limit. Micromanaging units during missions is slow due to the maps representing large areas and the more important units being heavy battlecruiser class airships. For players who want faster gameplay there are a few high cost extremely fast deployable mech units as well as smaller aircraft, and the options menu allows the player to increase the speed of all units as well as remove bullet drop if they want a more traditional RTS experience.


Units are chosen, positioned, and outfitted before a battle starts. Each unit type has its own selection of weapons that can be equipped for different play styles and scenarios. A limited number of special equipment can be assigned to a few units to give them a tactical advantage. Careful selection of units, which units are assigned which equipment, and their starting locations are key to winning.

During the battle no buildings or extra units can be made, so the player has to use their limited ships to complete the mission. The speed of the game depends on whether the player uses heavy or light units, so micro management does not have to be stressful. Most ships have special abilities with sci-fi themes such as warp drives, railguns and hacking which usually have limited ammunition and friendly fire, making their use focus on well executed plans. Ships have different weapon types and firing angles which makes positioning and orientation important. Battlecruiser and battleship class ships can change weapons as well as reassign power to shields, propulsion, weapons, or to charge their battery. High speed air-mechs can be deployed from certain battlecruisers and return to be repaired.

Outside of battle players can construct new aircraft, upgrade aircraft and battlecruiser stats, purchase abilities, research new technology that affects multiple units or the entire fleet, build special heavy missiles and assign them to individual battlecruisers, order more supplies to increase the number of units that can be sent into battle.


The story in Slizer: BMS is currently told mostly through text, including intercepted enemy messages, an instant messenger, text dialogue and events during missions, mission briefings, and mission report logs. The story is still being worked on; the one currently in the game isn’t very good.


Features as of version 1.19b2:

  • Playable content
    • Twelve campaign missions (50 planned total, most finished but waiting to fully develop the story)
    • Aircraft-only mode with a heavy emphasis on planning
    • Battlecruiser-only mode with a heavy emphasis on battle
    • Rogue-lite mode with permanent death upon losing your capital ship, a map to find enemy squadrons and bases, a vastly different UI, its own save files [Needs feedback to be improved]
    • Simulation room for testing units and custom games
  • Menus
    • Upgrades and abilities shops for your flagship, battlecruisers, and aircraft
    • Tech lab to research abilities or upgrades for the entire fleet
    • Assembly shop to build more aircraft, extra missiles and request more supplies
    • Mail, instant messages, world map, fleet and flagship real time status rooms for immersion and story
    • Options menu with
      • Gameplay options such as changing unit movement speed, toggling bullet drop
      • Art and graphics tabs, including four art styles for unit models, custom colours and images for backgrounds
      • Key rebinding
      • Resolution options, V-sync, anti aliasing, fullscreen
      • Individual volumes for each sound effect and different groups of sound effects
  • Sound Effects
    • No music though 😦
  • Gameplay
    • Twenty aircraft and ten buildings as player units, more available in campaign and simulations
    • Ten player battlecruisers and one battleship
    • Unit and battlecruiser stat and ability customisation
    • Special units only accessible in the campaign missions
    • Two and a bit enemy factions

Features to be included:

  • More missions
  • More sound effects, music, and voice over
  • Upgrade system for aircraft converted into a limited reassignable point system
  • Ability customisation for battlecruisers and aircraft
  • More developed Roguelike Mode

New content such as art styles, units, abilities, research, balancing, graphical updates, bug fixes and new features are constantly being added.

The game is available for download in its current form and is updated frequently. There will be bugs, some of which will crash the game.

For any constructive criticism or other feedback, please contact me above [MSG/CONTACT] or on one of my social media accounts provided.


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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1