Slizer: BMS v1.16b30

Release Date: 12/3/15

1. Stormcells will no longer charge each other’s shields
2. Squall boss added
3. Most fields now lower depth than units
4. Level 15 size increased from 1500×1500 to 2000×2000
5. Level 3 size changed from 5000×1000 to 2000×2000
6. F10 now goes to the mission menu instead of the main menu
7. Clicking on the Next Mission button now changed the game’s mission instead of having to start the mission to change the game’s current mission
8. Game messages graphical update
9. Updated text for game messages on units and events to use new game message function
10. Added communication type to story messages
11. Added message when Praetor is safe in mission 2 (from a few days ago)
12. Added optical message text to Messages screen
13. Suppression missiles now destroy Pulse Flares
14. Fixed Suppression missiles setting all units with laser weapons to not having an active ability
15. Fixed Mainbase not displaying a warning message if under 10% life
16. Added UI text background box colour and transparency options
17. Fixed battlecruiser shield power state giving more armor than it should
18. Pulse flares are now missile types and can be destroyed with the anti missile laser
19. Mainbase current status is now shown in it’s own menu.
20. Buttons now have an intro animation
21. Fixed bug with Zero when deployed and Mainbase was selected that crashed the game
22. Remote mines are no longer player units and cannot be killed
23. Mission 12 no longer follows the mouse by default, so the screen scrolling speed is fixed
24. Added menu background images to the options menu
25. Fixed Options and Assembly rooms to show background images
26. Added menu background colours to the options menu
27. Maximum in game text messages increased to 50
28. Retribution now has the correct name

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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