Slizer: BMS v1.16b36

Release Date: 3/4/15

1. Maximum energy is now shown in the unit stats field in the in mission UI
2. Weapon damage in the unit stats changed from “WEPN” to “WDMG”
3. Added ability cooldown bars to the battlecruiser UI icons
4. Added Scramgun ammo to the Bellator UI icon
5. Angles and arcs added to LOF function
6. Railguns now use LOF function
7. Mariner’s images now no longer die as normal units
8. Mariner’s images now attack move to the mouse when created
9. Player units’ range circles now become opaque when enemy units are inside them
10. Fixed afterburner ability icon being shifted
11. Added anti laser field to Hurricane A
12. Hurricane A now has rockets
13. Hurricane B now has rockets
14. Added plasma howitzer to Hurricane B
15. Fixed bug that caused new battlecruisers made in-mission to crash the game
16. Fixed bug that did not allow mission 14 to be completed
17. Fixed bug that caused clicking on enemy heavy missiles to crash the game because of weapon type not being an array
18. Zero now can be repaired even when the Mainbase is not selected
19. Added nuclear strike to mission 17
20. Mariner image now attack moves toward the mouse when activated
21. Mariner’s image now clearly shows the range it can go to when selected
22. Bellator’s scramguns now properly apply cooldown
23. draw_LOF function now draws line showing full range when no target in LOF
24. draw_LOF function now draws a circle under the target
25. The Imperator on level 17 now retreats during the nuclear strike
26. The Imperator on level 17 is now named the “Julius”
27. Added remote EMP mines to levels 2, 4,10 and 18
28. Added EMP protection in Research Lab

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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