Slizer: BMS v1.16b38

Release Date: 14/4/15


1. Made art style two’s basic unit’s more transparent
2. Added third art style with transparency
3. Removed wraiths from mission 5
4. Starslashes in mission 5 now have guardian shield by default
5. Strikers in mission 3 now have railguns by default
6. Removed 4 Havoks from mission 5
7. Added story message to mission 5
8. Updated the art style button’s tooltip to make it shorter and add the third art type
9. Added Libritor unit for Allies
10. Added Libritor to mission 6
11. Added enemy Praetor to mission 6
12. Added “bombard” AI for enemy units to stay back and use abilities
13. Fixed bug that caused hitting the MGN field to crash the game because it did not have the magshield variable
14. Fixed bug that caused the Molniya’s plasma field to show as if it was targeting the wrong unit and crashed the game if the unit disappeared
15. Sagitus’ sniper range now scales with range upgrades as 15% extra range
16. Fixed enemy unit AI to not change target unless the unit is stopped, moving, or attacking to avoid cancelling abilities
17. Fixed Praetor and Imperator showing blue models when changing the art style, and added blue outlined models
18. Enemy units will now set their movement speed to 0 when they stop
19. Added Hastatus unit to Allies
20. Changed the names and models of Rebel units in missions 2-6 to Alliance units
21. Added missile towers for Allies
22. Added missile towers on mission 2 that are offline, mission 5,
23. Fixed Plasma damage drop to accurately represent the model
24. Hastatii in mission 5 now start out as shut down and start up after player is detected
25. Enemy units can now be made indefinitely offline
26. Improved nuclear strike graphics
27. The Liberator and the Armillian now automatically move attack to the player at the start of mission 17
28. Fixed Imperator’s escape route in mission 17
29. The Imperator will now fight for you if it survives the nuclear blast in mission 17

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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