Slizer: BMS v1.16b43

Released Date: 25/4/15
1. Monsoon A’s turn rate decreased from 1 to .8
2. Monsoon B’s turn rate decreased from 1 to .6
3. Armillian’s range increased from 200 to 500
4. Armillian’s damage decreased from 60 to 20
5. Armillian’s second weapon’s damage increased from 20 to 60
6. Added aircraft weapon stats to be used anywhere in the game
7. Added alternative weapon loadouts for the player aircraft
8. Fixed bug that doesn’t spawn any battlecruisers past the Imperator in the planning screen
9. Moved the “Return” button in the aircraft lab down and moved the upgrade stats down and the unit model up
10. Alternative weapon loadout stats are now shown in the aircraft lab with their stat increases
11. Added a zoom feature with the mouse wheel
12. Added Aileram, to the Armillian
13. Mechs now use the correct art style
14. Aileram damage increased from 2 to 10
15. Aileram damage increased from 2 to 10
16. Aileram range decreased from 50 to 5
17. Added Snapshot, Arma, and Starlight mechs for player
18. Added Snapshot, Arma, and Starlight to the Armillian
19. Renamed Snapshot to Luminus
20. Renamed Starlight to Starstrike
21. Abilities can now show extra text underneath in the draw_ability function
22. Added Aileram to Praetor
23. Aileram damage increased from 10 to 20- changed back
24. Added afterburner to Aileram
25. Added Veritas to player units
26. Added Veritas to Armillian, replaced Aileram
27. Zero’s GN shield now uses the new ability text function
28. Added ability to return all units to Armillian

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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