Slizer: BMS v1.16b44

Release Date: 30/4/15
1. Replaced the return all units ability button’s image on the armilian with a new image
2. Valkyrie missiles, Starslash guardian shield, Praetor suppression missiles, Venator Anti missile missile, Bellator missiles, large EMP missiles, and scramguns, Moonrunner flares, Mariner anti plasma missile, MGN missiles, Millian warp, longbow missiles, Princeps missiles and Triarus missiles now show their ammo or timers using the new ability text function
3. Fixed bug that caused the Bellator to crash the game when using missiles (from 2.)- turns out it didn’t even crash the game
4. Paladin shield now shows it’s cooldown or timer by using the new draw_ability function, and thecolour of the button is now light green when not in use and dark green when being used
5. Armillian and Liberator warp now use the new draw_ability function
6. Striker’s railgun ability now properly turns green when in use
7. Moonruner’s flares ammo now doesn’t show when ammo has run out
8. Fixed Venator not having art style 4
9. Fixed Mariner’s energy transfer laser not showing as being used
10. Armillian’s return button now changes colours
11. Armillian and Liberator’s warp ability now shows the warp cooldown
12. Warp now correctly turns grey when not available
13. Abilities that turn units offline now will not activate an offline timer for units that are shut down or indefinitely offline such as the units using the Paladin shield
14. Added Reaper to player units, has sequential missile fire
15. Optimised enemy AI
16. Added ECM ability to Venator, drains energy to prevent any non-piloted enemy aircraft within range from attacking or receiving new orders
17. Princeps supply cost increased from 5 to 7
18. Triarus supply cost decreased from 20 to 8
19. Added Aquila unit to Allies
20. Fixed Simulation room decreasing supplies used when deleting enemy units
21. Fixed melee mechs’ range being too short to reach normally
22. Fixed maximum zoom being at the default window size
23. Pushed text in simulation room to the right
24. Fixed player units not decelerating when pressing stop
25. Fixed deceleration in the move function
26. Ability butons moved up to make room for ability text
27. Ability text is now centered
28. Ability hotkeys have been shifted to the left and are now inside the ability button
29. Spaced out battlecruiser icons more to fit the power mode

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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