Slizer: BMS v1.16b45

Release Date: /4/15
1. Praetor’s secondary attack is now limited to +-10º
2. Praetor’s secondary attack damage increased from 20 to 50
3. Praetor’s secondary attack range decreased from 600 to 400
4. Praetor’s secondary attack sniper mode removed
5. Venator’s secondary attack is now limited to -130º to -50º, and 50º to 130º
6. Venator’s secondary attack damage increased from 10 to 20
7. Venator’s secondary attack range increased from 100 to 150
8. Fixed Venator’s ECM activating when not selected
9. Fixed Mariner’s energy transfer laser not working
10. Restricted some battlecruiser abilities to be purchased in the ship lab
11. Extra missiles in storage and on ships now get saved with the game
12. Fixed assign missile button text and simplified tooltip
13. Fixed button text going on multiple lines for small buttons
14. Improved planning stage’s help text and added instructions for changing weapon loadout
15. Fixed planning stage’s unit buttons text and changed the size, colour of the box when it is selected, added a new box, put the boxes behind the model, and moved the buttons to the right to fit in the screen
16. Increased area in which you cannot place units on the left side of the screen to align with where the buttons are
17. Left clicking on the ground in the planning stage now deselects units instead of right clicking
18. Right clicking now turns units in the planning stage
19. Fixed bug that caused Blizzard the crash the game if they could not find a target
20. ECM energy cost increased from 5 per second to 7 per second
21. Moonrunner second weapon loadout damage decreased from 20 to 10
22. Tempest plasma shot range increased from 200 to 210
23. Supplies purchased now give 8 supply instead of 10
24. Added the ability to set units to ambush mode in the simulator
25. Added the ability to change weapon loadouts in the simulator
26. Updated the messages room for missions 2 and 3
27. Added Reaper Hell unit to player units
28. Added reaper hell to mission 5

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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