Slizer: BMS v1.17b2

Release Date: 8/5/15
1. Player unit weapon reload bar now moved to the right of the unit and made vertical
2. Added weapon type icons next to unit names
3. Added propulsion assist vehicles in the planning stage to allow a unit to travel quickly at the start of the game
4. Added non rechargeable GN shields in the planning stage to give a unit GN shields
5. Added GN technology in the research lab, made all GN shields dependent on this research upgrade
6. Renamed all GN technology to SL technology
7. Fixed “A sheild made of special particles.” to “A shield made of SL particles.” in the Mainbase lab
8. Starslash no longer has guardian shield without purchasing the ability from the aircraft lab
9. The Apply Changes button in the hotkey tab of the options menu now has a button model
10. Moved the Apply Changes button in the hotkey tab of the options menu down and to the left
11. Reduced extra missile prices by half
12. Fixed the tech lab to start on missile redirect instead of plasma tech
13. Fixed spelling mistakes in the shield section of the library and added extra information for how the shields work in game
14. SL particle shield cost in the Mainbase lab reduced from 750 to 500
15. Plasma shield cost in the Mainbase lab reduced from 500 to 400
16. Help menu text updated to indicate buttons with brackets
17. Added Hurricane A and Hurricane B to the enemy unit list, so they will be available in the library and simulator
18. Moved AI and start buttons in the simulator to make room for the extra Rebel units
19. draw_missile function now sets the missile direction to the unit’s direction when firing individual missiles
20. Fixed Reaper and Aquila getting the wrong weapon load outs
21. Added Pathfinder to player units
22. Added rectangle in the aircraft lab around the upgrade buttons
23. Added rectangle in the battlecruiser lab around the upgrade buttons
24. Hangar now only shows units that you own
25. In menu mouse cursor model now centered to stay consistent with the in game mouse cursor model
26. Main menu button text changed from “Main Menu” to “Log Out”
27. Added Aileram and ECM to the battlecruiser abilities list in the library
28. Updated the Armillian and Liberator’s descriptions
29. Fixed bug that caused the Wraith to stay permanently cloaked if placed in ambush mode at the start of the game

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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