Slizer: BMS v1.17b3

Release Date: 13/5/15
1. Player unit weapon reload bar now moved to the right of the unit and made vertical
2. Multishot key changed from left alt to right left
3. Moved the selected units’ rectangles behind the model in the planning room
4. Added “Abilities:#Missile Flares” to the Moonrunner tooltip in the planning room
5. Increased Aquila max speed from .4 to .5
6. Added Bartail teansport to Alliance units
7. Fixed bug that caused the remote mines in mission 18 to crash the game because they di not have weapon load outs or unit load outs saved
8. Mission 18 renamed from “Operation Survive” to “Operation Retribution”
9. Enemy units that spawn other units now create the spawned units facing the same direction as them
10. Reduced Princeps missile range to 400 and ammunition to 8
11. Added Seagull to Alliance units
12. Moonrunner max speed increased from .6 to .65
13. Fixed the Plasma and SL tech research upgrades to not overwrite the tech from purchased to available (only happens if there is a bug that causes the tech to be downgraded)
14. Added a laser damage research upgrade
15. Added a laser range research upgrade
16. Added Velite to Alliance units
17. Updated shotgun description and renamed it to Ion Shotgun
18. Ambush, prop assist and GN shields can now all be applied to the same unit in the planning stage
19. Moved the group number above the unit name, moved the weapon load out below the unit name, and put the ambush, prop assist, and SL shield indicators on separate lines below the weapon load out in the planning room
20. Added prop assist and SL shield for player units in the simulator room
21. Stealth now uses stealth level to compare to enemy unit’s detection level. This allows for some units to be detected by certain other units
22. Mariner detection set to max
23. Added visualization for keyboard layout based on key bindings
24. Increased Striker’s primary weapon load out’s damage from 50 to 100
25. Fixed Aquila and Reaper hotkeys being switched with their names in the hotkey tab of the options menu
26. Updated the Starmaker’s plans
27. Added localized maps for each segment of the story
28. The supplies icon now turns gray when maximum supplies are used in the planning room
29. Added UI icons for ambush, prop assist, and GN fields in the planning stage, moved them up and put them in a rectangle

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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