Slizer: BMS v1.17b4

Release Date: 18/5/15
1. Added the firing angle graphic when turning units in the planning stage
2. Added Wraith II to player units
3. Remote mines now need to be activated by pressing a hotkey
4. Remote mines no longer come out of ambush mode
5. Remote mines no longer can be hit with rockets or missiles unless specifically targeted
6. Enemy missiles now use their display name and the word ‘DWN’ instead of ‘ENEMY MISSILE DOWN’
7. Fixed bug that caused placing enemy units in the simulation room to crash the game
8. Princeps turn rate increased from 1.5 to 10
9. Triarus turn rate increased from 1.5 to 5
10. Added Spectre to player units
11. Fixed bug that caused clicking on a unit without a weapon type like the missile turret to crash the game
12. Menu background colour is now applied to the map
13. The default menu background has been changed to background number 2
14. Plasma shot no longer hits ground units unless specifically targeted
15. Plasma ball no longer hits ground units unless specifically targeted
16. Plasma howitzer, scramguns, railguns, and lasers no longer hits ground units unless specifically targeted
17. Optimised Laser and Mainbase Laser
18. Missile turrets now cannot be ordered to move
19. Turrets can no longer be ordered to move attack or aggressive move, and can’t be ordered to stop unless they are out of ambush mode
20. Added prop assist, ambush, and SL field icons with prop assist and SL field text indicators to the simulation room
21. Updated the help text in the simulation room
22. Updated the “GN shields” to “SL shields” in the planning room and simulation room
23. Fixed the ambush counter not updating in the simulation room
24. Made a function for help menus and help menus are now different for each room
25. Fixed pausing a simulation and trying to go back to the game resulting in starting the current mission instead
26. F11 no longer goes to the pause menu
27. Player units now decelerate on arrival when ordered to attack a unit
28. Air units that start in ambush mode are now considered as ground units until they come out of ambush mode
29. Units on the ground now have a transparent filled in circle when selected

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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