Slizer: BMS v1.17b6

Release Date: 23/5/15
1. Edited the icons for battlecruiser power states
2. The Player AI button will now only change units from passive to aggressive or vice versa, and will not change the AI of units with different AI
3. Removed four Valkyries and added one Arbiter and one Striker from the starting player units
4. Added weapon type icons next to the weapon load out numbers in the planning room
5. Unit names in the planning room now have a black box behind them with white text to differentiate them from the other unit stats and moved the unit group to the left of the unit name and moved the name infront of the models for the add-ons to the unit
6. Units that have not yet been purchased are now shown in black in the planning room
7. Added a box behind the enemy units in the planning room
8. Units in the planning room now show their x and y coordinates when moved
9. Lines are now shown from the mouse cursor to the sides of the screen when placing a unit as well as the mouse coordinates in the planning room
10. A box is now shown on the mouse cursor and if there are more units of the selected type available then a transparent image of the unit being placed is shown on the unit cursor
11. Added a beam weapon with limited ammunition to the player and AI Triarus
12. AI Triarus default weapon changed to firearm
13. Added Aquila super fighter to Allies
14. Added Aquilifer carrier to Allies
15. Magshields now only activate if the player’s unit is selected
16. Squall now moves if it is attacking, not both when it is attacking and stopped
17. Allied units can now no longer be controlled using the control button
18. Moved the top of the text box in the mission briefing room up and moved the “enter” button down into the text box
19. Replaced the menu animation in the navigation room with a menu title “navigation”, made sure that the return to mission menu button moves down with the map, and changed the background to be permanently white
20. Fixed menu buttons using “selected” as both an indicator of whether the button was just pressed, and whether it was supposed to be toggled on or off
21. Fixed damage text not showing up at all when enabled
22. Added a third weapon load out for the laser turret with 200 damage, .001 reload speed, and 200 range.
23. Increased the attack speed of the second laser turret weapon load out from .005 to .01
24. Added a third weapon load out for the missile turret with 180 damage, .04 reload speed, and 100 range
25. Missile turret’s missiles’ range and speed now correctly corresponds to the selected weapon load out
26. Added a “systems” variable to make every unit except for the Mainbase and the Zero, which are optical
27. Updated the Mainbase’s movement system to it moves like other units
28. Added power states to the Mainbase

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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