Slizer: BMS v1.17b7

Release Date: 28/5/15
1. Added side views for the smaller aircraft in the Assembly room
2. Added fighter AI that makes fighters move faster when not facing the target while attacking, and fixes them turning to face target too soon
3. Added unit types such as hover, fighter, destroyer, and battlecruiser
4. MGN missile name is now SL Field Missile and fixed bug that caused it to crash the game because it did not have variables for shields
5. Added remote EMP mine to player units list so it can be placed in the planning stage
6. Added animation to text messages and optimized them
7. Added waveform animation and bar model to the mission briefing room and the messages room that change as messages are sent
8. Added messenger status icon in the messenger room
9. Added a separate model for fighters
10. Finished the sideviews for all buildable units
11. Map locations now fade in in the navigation room and added area name and faction name in the top right
12. Added hull indicators in the structure tab of the Mainbase Structure tab
13. Hurricane A and Hurricane B now have plasma rockets instead of normal rockets that create a plasma ball that sticks to the target for 10 seconds, and the Hurricane A now only fires one rocket
14. Added model for laminate shield
15. Fixed Mainbase, Venator, and Mariner drawing themselves twice making them less transparent
16. Added box around and moved the ability text in the battlecruiser lab up
17. Fixed “Deploys the Aileram mech to fight on it’s own. When damaged it can return to the Praetor to repait.” to “Deploys the Aileram mech to fight on its own. When damaged it can return to the Praetor to repair.” for the Aileram ability description
18. Moved the icon next to the start mission button to the right of the button
19. The default menu colour is now dark blue instead of dark gray- removed
20. Fixed Hurricane A’s anti laser missile not firing,reduced the ammo from 4 to 2 and increased the cooldown from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
21. Improved the menu icons and battlecruiser icons
22. Improved the mech model
23. Added battlecruiser icons for the Armillian and the Liberator
24. Moonrunner attack speed increased from .25 to .4
25. Added AML state ability to the pathfinder and the Imperator.
26. Fixed the nearest_unit function changing the detection level of units
27. Fixed enemy missile turrets crashing the game if there are no player units for it to target
28. Enemy missiles now detonate when colliding with flares
29. Fixed remote EMP mines placed in the planning stage or simulation room being visible

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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