Slizer: BMS v1.17b8

Release Date: 2/6/15
1. Reduced the prices of the Wraith’s cloak from 400 to 200, the Striker’s railguns from 400 to 200, and the Starslash’s guardian shield from 500 to 250
2. Fixed units automatically turning to fire weapons with attack angles so that front facing attacks and side attacks both work no matter which angle the enemy is at
3. Added burst ability to Zero
4. Added overdrive ability to Aileram
5. Fixed Mainbase crashing the game if an ability past number 2 was bought out of order
6. Added slider to change the minimap size in the art section of the options menu
7. Added text boxes and backgrounds in the hangar room
8. Reduced the number of Mobile SL Field missiles on the mariner from 20 to 10
9. AML State now is registered as an ability for the Imperator and Pathfinder so it will appear in the library, and the hotkey can be changed for each unit.
10. Fixed the name of the counter in the planning stage from “GN Shields” to “SL Shields”
11. Added missile redirect ability to the Pathfinder
12. Added boxes behind the stats in the aircraft and battlecruiser labs and behind the purchase button in the aircraft lab, expanded the box behind the abilities description in the battlecruiser lab
13. Added text boxes behind the “Ships”, “Missiles”, and unit names in the assembly room, and on the “Missiles” section in the battlecruiser lab
14. Added a new font for menu buttons
15. The Princeps, Triarus, Aquila, Reaper, EMP mine, and Pathfinder are now available for building and upgrading, and the Pathfinder can now be placed in the simulation room
16. Enemy units can now detect cloaked units inside their detection range if the visibility is greater than the enemy unit’s detection
17. Made new icons for player units that will be used in the Planning room an made the use ship buttons not use the button parent
18. Reduced the space between the ship icons in the Assembly room and moved their names to line up vertically
19. Replaced the “Next unit” button in the Aircraft Lab with buttons for each aircraft
20. Added SL Shield to Starmaker and Starslash that is unlocked when SL technology is researched
21. Added two beam weapons that are unlocked with particle technology research and give a unit in the planning room a powerful beam weapon
22. Fixed the Triarus’ second weapon overriding its first weapon
23. Fixed Prop Assist units not dying when damaged
24. Fixed bug where pressing F10 to go to the pause menu makes a map persistent even after pressing the victory button until going back to that mission and exiting through the menu
25. Ambush mode now starts out on the ground and changes to air movement when it has started moving
26. Starmaker reload speed increased from .006 to .025, damage decreased from 50 to 25 and range increased from 200 to 400
27. Moonrunner flares duration increased from 4 seconds to 8 seconds
28. Added single shot ion shotgun ability to Moonrunner
29. Ion Shotgun icon now turns grey when out of ammunition

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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