Slizer: BMS v1.17b9

Release Date: 3/6/15
1. Moonrunner and Venator ion shotgun icons now show both the cooldown and ammunition for the Venator and only the ammunition for the Moonrunner
2. AML state ability now has a model to show what units are using it
3. Fixed missile redirect ability not checking if there were any enemy missiles which crashed the game if there were none
4. Allied units in mission 8 now move to attack enemy units when the mission starts
5. Fixed bug with Stormbringers in mission 8 not having a number assigned to how many rockets to fire which crashed the game
6. Berkuts now use the enemy red model
7. Molniyas can now detect cloaked units above .25 visibility
8. Fixed enemies so that they can attack units in stealth if they can detect them
9. Plasma shield health bar shown under units is now constantly .5 transparency and weapon type icons in game are now constantly .9 transparency for both player and enemy units and moved it to the right
10. Enemy units now draw their current state in the same location as player units and with the same transparency
11. Height of weapon reload bar doubled
12. Added a model for detectors, any unit that can detect units under .5 visibility
13. Mainbase detection level set to .1
14. Player units’ health in the UI now goes from green to red instead of green to black, and enemy units health now goes from red to darker red, and shield is now a lighter shade of blue
15. Updated enemy stats display in the in game UI to show “WDMG” instead of “WEPN” for weapon damage
16. Bellator and Imperator turns speeds decreased from 1.5 to 1
17. Fixed bug that caused the ignore formation command to be set by default until the player pressed Alt
18. Added detection level to the player and enemy unit stats display in the UI
19. Added Aileram’s current state to the Praetors UI abilities at the top of the screen
20. Aileram display name changed from “AILRAM” to “AILRM”
21. Fixed the turn to function to turn at the same rate as the rate at which units normally turn
22. Paladin shield timer now starts at ‘0 so the shield doesn’t have to be activated once for the reload bar in the UI at the top of screen to show as green
23. Deactivating the paladin shield now resets the timer to 0
24. Plasma shot cooldown for the tempest increased from 500 steps to 10 seconds
25. Starslash display name changed from “STSLSH” to “STSLS”
26. Missile Turret display name changed from “MSL TRT” to “MSL_TRT”
27. Remote Mine display name changed from “‘RMT_MINE'” to “RMT_MNE”
28. Mobile SL Field Missile display name changed from “MGN_MSL” to ‘MSF_MSL’

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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