Slizer: BMS v1.17b10

Release Date: 6/6/15
1. All menu buttons names are now typed in upper case letters
2. Optimised smoke clouds
3. Both player and enemy units can now detect invisible units
4. Updated the menu buttons font
5. Smoke clouds now appear below units
6. Fixed deceleration at the end of movement starting at a fixed time and stopping units too soon if they had not reached their maximum speed
7. Moved the unit stats sidebar in the game UI down to not overlap with the battlecruiser icon ammunition variables and made it longer to be behind the unit detection variable stat
8. Fixed cursor disappearing after exiting a level through the pause menu after the mission had been won
9. Added a bar above the number of units that shows which player has lost more units
10. Fixed the simulation room always showing 0 total enemy units
11. When the view is automatically moved, the mouse cursor is no longer centered
12. Double pressing the Battlecruiser hotkeys now properly moves the screen to center on their location
13. Added a second art style for the battlecruiser portraits which be changed in the options menu
14. Increased the distance between the battlecruiser portraits in game
15. Lined up the enemy AI, player AI, Terrain, and Formation buttons in game
16. The Vertias, Luminus, Arma, and Starstrike now only regenerate energy when in detection range of the Armillian, and will be shut down if they run out of energy while outside the range. If they get shut down they cannot be ordered to return to the Armillian and instead must be rescued by bringing the Armillian to them
17. The in game mouse is know a cursor instead of an object, so its size will not change when zooming in and out
18. The in game mouse will now only appear after the intro animation “Turning control over to user” has appeared
19. Valkyrie missiles now use the default missile script
20. All missiles now use the new mouse target script so that the mouse cursor is removed when aiming an ability
21. Avalanche base armour increased from 20 to 25 and increased to 50 in final forms
22. Mariner’s SLF missile ammo decreased from 10 to 8 and SLF field missile duration increased from 25 to- nevermind
23. Valkyrie supply cost increased from 5 to 8, Wraith supply cost increased from 5 to 6, Starmaker supply cost increased from 8 to 15, Starslash supply cost increased from 8 to 15, Princeps supply cost increased from 5 to 10, and Princeps supply cost increased from 8 to 20
24. Units with beam weapons now have a beam weapon model shown on them
25. The simulation room now has beam weapons for player aircraft
26. Moved the unit load out indicators at the top of the simulation room down and added a title
27. Added a white rectangle behind the hero which can be turned on in the art tab of the options menu
28. Added a black box in the story message dialogue box for the name of the sender
29. Fixed bug that caused enemies attacking units inside the mobile SL field to crash the game because the SL field did not have a GNshield_ on variable

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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