Slizer: BMS v1.17b11

Release Date: 11/6/15
1. Put names for all story dialogue in game messages and replaced the already existing names that were on the first line of some dialogue boxes
2. Replace the message “Back me up!” in mission 2 with “BACK ME UP”
3. Story messages boxes height increased so that the channel type has more space between it and the message
4. Movement speed of all units halfed. This setting can be changed in the Gameplay tab of the options menu
5. Fixed Messenger button updating to not all upper case text
6. The image next to the ship icons button in the art tab of the options menu is now shifted down to line up with the button
7. Added a button under the ship icons button to put a background behind the battlecruiser portraits in game
8. Molniya range increased from 550 to 650
9. All units now have rotational acceleration
10. Added stop() function to set state to ‘stop’, and movement, formation, and turn speeds to 0
11. Mainbase now accelerates like normal units after it has stopped
12. Unit current and max turn speeds are now shown in the unit stats UI on the left the screen in game
13. Added Scram Gun to the Bellator. The old Scramgun will be renamed
14. Added mortar to Bellator
15. Abilities that use turning now also have rotational acceleration
16. Optimised the railgun ability
17. Added research to double the duration of field effects
18. Added research to increase the area of effect of fields by 50%
19. Increased Freedom warning time from 160 frames to 5 seconds and Freedom’s shot reload time from 10 seconds to 20 seconds and the shot no longer follows units when firing
20. Enemies now try to avoid lasers, scramguns, anti missile fields and anti plasma fields
21. Laser cannons now have different charge up times, the Imperator now takes 200 frames while the Arma takes 150 frames
22. Tempest II turn rate decreased from 2 to 1
23. Enemy units can now move attack
24. Added target ally ability to the Pathfinder
25. Updated the menu buttons font
26. Fixed the buy upgrade button in the aircraft lab not updating when the ability upgrade was selected and the player switched between different aircraft
27. The game will now start in your native resolution
28. Added Black Out Smoke missile ability to the Praetor
29. Player units now have to be selectable to issue orders to them, enemies can only attack selectable player units, and player units are only drawn if selectable- last one removed

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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