Slizer: BMS v1.17b12

Release Date: 13/6/15
1. Increased the size of the abilities box in the battlecruiser shop to fit 5 abilities
2. Fixed “Heavy Artilley” ability name to “Heavy Artillery” and updated the description to include the random shots and the increase in accuracy while firing
3. Fixed the battlecruiser shop crashing when selecting the Imperator by adding the AML State ability to the list
4. Fixed the “Anti Missile Lasers State” ability name to “Anti Missile Lasers State”- updated to “Anti Missile Weapons State”
5. Now only selectable units can be hit with normal unit attacks
6. Mainbase fixed to only be able to attack selectable units
7. Black Out field made less transparent
8. All units now become selectable at the end of the step
9. In game text alert background transparency increased from .28 to .4
10. Added the Black Out field, scram gun, and heavy artillery ammo counters to the hero portraits at the top of the screen in game
11. The Messenger room now delays messages typed by slizer and shows “slizer88 is typing a message.” during that time
12. Increased the width of the bar in the middle of the screen in game showing how many of each player’s units have been lost to two pixels
13. Enemies now move attack when evading
14. The Bellator’s Scram Gun and Heavy Artillery abivlities can now have their keys rebound
15. Reduced the space between messages in the Messenger room, made the message names dark gray, moved the messages to the right slightly, and made the text box slightly higher
16. Right clicking with a unit no longer changes the mouse sprite to the mouse cursor
17. Enemy Monsoons and Hurricanes now use the enemy_ship behaviour and will display a game message when they are destroyed
18. Enemy rotational acceleration decreased
19. Hurricane A and Hurricane B turn speed decreased from 1 to .5, Monsoon A turn speed decreased from .8 to .4, Monsoon B turn speed decreased from .6 to .28
20. Fixed the AI button not properly stopping enemy units when changing to no AI
21. Hunter turn speed decreased from 2 to 1
22. Blizzard turn speed decreased from 2 to .75, Hailstorm turn speed from 1 to .5, Orage turn speed decreased from .5 to .25
23. Tab now switches battlecruiser power states and spacebar changes battlecruiser weapons
24. Fixed when right clicking to cancel an ability, the mouse would keep the targeting sprite and have image speed
25. Laser, Mainbase Laser, Railguns, Scramguns, and Ion Shotgun now use draw_mouse_target
26. Fixed Ion Shotgun icon not showing in game
27. Replaced the ECM ability’s icon in menus to use the proper sprite
28. Updated the backgrounds of maps 9 through 12

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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