Slizer: BMS v1.17b13

Release Date: 19/6/15
1. Added title in in mission intro animation
2. Messenger room now automatically starts slizer responses instead of the player having to press a button for them to start
3. Updated tutorial text from “[Left Mouse Button] and drag to select multiple units.” to “[Left Mouse Button] and drag to select multiple units in an area.” and from “[Right Mouse Button] on a location with units selected to order them to move there.
[Right Mouse Button] on an enemy red unit to order your units to attack it.” to “[Right Mouse Button] on a location to order units to move there.
[Right Mouse Button] on an enemy (red unit) to order units to attack it.”
4. Added “Selecting Units”, “With Units Selected”, “Additional Commands” and “Abilities” sections to tutorial messages and have the rest of the text indented- removed indentation
5. Fixed typos and made tutorial messages shorter
6. Added battlecruiser and army tutorial messages
7. Added tutorial message numbers out of total tutorial messages at the top of the tutorial messages so the player knows how many messages are left
8. Rebel Hunters are now invisible when at full shields and moving or stopped
9. Enemy units are now completely invisible when they have low visibility or are not selectable
10. Redid entire stealth and detection system
11. Now all units, player and enemy will have the same transparency as their visibility
12. Player units will now face the direction they are facing even when offline
13. Player units can no longer be selected with the drag box when they are unselectable
14. Hunters now only fire plasma balls if enemies are in front of them
15. The simulation room now changes background colour t dark blue once the simulation has started and changes the background image to a new grid effect
16. Added a tooltip to the simulation room button
17. Reordered e-mail messages for future missions
18. Mainbase now also uses tab to switch power states and spacebar to switch weapons
19. Mainbase secondary weapon range increased from 200 to 400 and weapon reload speed changed from .05 to .04
20. Lasers now show a “LASER HIT” or “FRIENDLY FIRE” message when they hit a target
21. Battlecruiser weapon upgrades are now applied to both weapon states and will not be lost if the weapon state is changed
22. Added more e-mail messages for future missions
23. Decreased the space between the e-mail buttons and moved them up
24. Added a help section in the library
25. Added Urdswan mobile armour
26. Added enemy praetor unit to be used in the campaign
27. Added Aquilifer battlecruiser to Allies units
28. Squall firing angles now includes angles -120 to 120, and decreased the first two firing angles from -80 and 80 to -60 and 60

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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