Slizer: BMS v1.17b14

Release Date: 20/6/15
1. Replaced enemy praetors in missions 2, 6, and 17 for the new enemy praetors
2. Allied and enemy units can now user the laser ability automatically and will display “friendly fire” and “laser hit” depending on the target’s owner and their own owner
3. Fixed bug that caused batrlecruiser upgrades to crash the game for the Liberator since it only had one weapon
4. Fixed bug that caused anti missile weapon systems to crash the game sine missiles did not have detection ranges or detection levels
5. Fixed enemy units being able to attack cloaked units while move attacking
6. Maps 13 through 18 improved, so now all contour maps improved
7. Move attack and aggressive move no longer use the old mouse target system
8. Increased the opacity of the unit stats text on the left of the in mission screen from .8 to .9 and increased the opacity of the unit stats background from .2 to .25- increased from .25 to .5
9. MMV missile deployment range decreased from 1000 to 500
10. Spread out the Tsunamis in mission 11
11. Enemy Praetors can now launch the Urdswan
12. Moved the total units bar up from 25 to 5 height at the top of the the in mission screen
13. Replaced the old Scramguns icon and updated its name and description
14. Increased the size of the box around upgrades in the battlecruiser lab to fit the plasma shield upgrade
15. Mainbase plasma shield improved to have an active recharge
16. Fixed Mainbase plasma shield not getting unlocked after researching plasma technology
17. Increased the height of the boxes in the Mainbase Lab, made the ability description text fit inside the box, moved the upgrades box down, increased the spacing between the ability name and the ability description, moved the stats box down, and moved the Return button down

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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