Slizer: BMS v1.17b15

Release Date: 6/7/15
1. Research projects now have their own icons
2. Added sound effects
3. Fixed big that caused pulse flare grenades to crash the game since missiles did not have a movement type
4. Moved the imges ability to the Venator and added a multiple images ability based on target allied units to the Mariner
5. Added map icons in the navigation room
6. Added map base for the Toulouse base
7. Added rectangle and grid behind unit plans in the assembly room, added a wireframe and filled in version of the unit plans that partially load from the left and then changed from the wireframe to the filled in version
8. Invisible units now only automatically find and attack targets if they have been detected
9. Menu backgrounds are now white by default and changed the menu title box animation to gray
10. Menu names are now behind a black box and have a new menu buttons icon to the right of them during the menu animation
11. The grid in the simulation room is now blue and was updated
12. increased the opacity of the battlecruiser status at the top of the screen in the battlecruiser status portraits, moved the portraits down, added an image for the ship portrait background box and made it the default setting
13. Moved the total units bar up
14. Fixed the Arma’s SL shield showing -1 as the hotkey when activated
15. The unit stats window on the left of the screen in game now has a white background
16. Added a sound tab to the options menu and added a master volume slider
17. Added tabs in the e-mail section to switch between internal, intercepted allies, and intercepted rebel messages
18. Fixed the first e-mail message appearing in the e-mail room when first entering the room and added messages for each tab when an e-mail has not been selected
19. Added a passive missile flare ability to Arbiters
20. Added a button to save and load different profiles that each have their own saved game progress
21. Added a passive paladin shield that absorbs only one hit for a maximum of 50 absorbed damage with the rest of the damage going through the shield which recharges after eight seconds, to the Arbiter
22. Fixed paladin shield and guardian shield recharging before it would detect it had dropped to 0 which would not allow it to break
23. Added formations for enemy units and added a formation AI that can be selected with the AI button
24. Fixed Havoks not starting their offline timer when starting as shut down in mission 5 once the player had been detected
25. Added Pathfinder Drones that the Pathfinder can deploy and return
26. Fixed enemy units detection from 1 to .6
27. The Arbiter’s burst shield and the Pathfinder’s anti missile weapon state now have to be unlocked in the Aircraft Lab
28. Fixed the font of the terrain and formation buttons in game
29. Added the ability to make any battlecruiser a flagship in the simulation room

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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