Slizer: BMS v1.17b16

Release Date: 15/7/15
1. Updated the first 18 missions of the campaign
2. Fixed warning messages sounds not stopping if another message was displayed
3. Enemy Hastatus units no longer fire missiles if the player has not been detected
4. Story messages now have a minimum length of 200
5. Alert_enem_on_sight now changes the enemy AI to formation AI
6. Propulsion assist units now work for non buildable units
7. Missile towers will now stop attacking if their target is outside of their missile’s range
8. Enemy Principes now only move if they are online
9. Added ion shotgun to replace the Venator’s shotgun and fixed draw_arc to work with abilities other than the normal ion shotgun using the shotgun’s constant range, and displayed the ion shotgun ammo on the in game icon
10. Enemy units can now attack units outside of their detection range but inside their weapon range, and optimised enemy orders
11. Added Desolator and Stormbreaker and Stormsunder Alliance units in the campaign
12. Added target AI for enemies to focus on a target before acquiring a new one
13. Added map pings
14. Fixed EMP missile crashing the game because they did not have the variables for the new turning system, and made them start with the same direction as the Mainbase’s direction
15. Arbiter passive flares now fire at missiles even if their target is not the arbiter
16. Arbiter the mirage ability to the wraith
17. Fixed enemy unit attacks being able to hit unselectable units based if the enemy unit was selectable instead of based on the target being selectable
18. Fixed bug where deleting enemy units in the simulation room causes a crash where the enemy unit does not exist
19. Fixed bug that caused enemy units to only be able to attack if they were selectable
20. Moved the help text at the bottom of the simulation room up
21. Fixed the dispersal technology icons being switched
22. When activated moveattack will now use the current target if it can be hit instead of immediately switching to the closest target
23. Mech cooldown texts under the battlecruiser icons now have an ammo bar to show their current life
24. Added weapon cooldown texts for the armillian and liberator under their battlecruiser icons in game
25. Enemy Velites now cloak when attacking
26. Fixed attack, moveattack, and aggressivemove orders for scripted events not damaging enemies
27. Added throttle for enemy units so they can move at the same speed
28. Added minimap unit icons
29. Fixed moveattacking units drawing a line to invisible targets

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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