Slizer: BMS v1.17b17

Release Date: 22/7/15
1. Fixed plasma towers not having the variables for ambush mode which crashed the game and changed its model colour to red
2. Fixed missile towers having blue models in mission 12
3. Story messages now have their message type at the bottom of the message written in gray instead of black and added frequencies for enemy communication
4. Fixed pings not working for pings on x y locations and made them work for any zoom level
5. Fixed triarii and principes units in mission 4 not being properly created so that their portraits were not visible at the bottom of the screen
6. Fixed units’ shot lines switching from the target they shot to their next target when the first target dies
7. Fixed Mainbase not being able to be permanently offline and not updating its direction when offline
8. Add New User button now changes text to “Press to Add User” to make it clear that the player has to press the button to confirm the name
9. Fixed the Mainbase drawing its hero portrait twice and made flagships have a less transparent portrait
10. Battlecruiser power states can now be switched to directly with the arrow keys instead of having to tab through them with the tab key and this is now the default key
11. Added the ability to put battlecruisers in repair mode which shuts them down but slowly regenerates up to 50% of their maximum health
12. Luminus damage decreased from 100 to 50, sniper damage decreased from 200 to 100
13. Starstrike, Veritas, and Aileram weapon types changed to “blade” and Starstrike damage decreased from 200 to 100
14. Added tech dependencies to abilities and what research upgrades unlock in the research lab
15. Fixed Mobile SL field description calling it a GN field and made it require SL tech
16. The Venator’s Variable ion shotgun, the Moonruner’s ion shotgun, and the Mariner’s mobile SL field and anti plasma field are now locked until ion weapon technology, SL technology and Plasma technology respectively are unlocked
17. Fixed the starslash’s guardian shield appearing as available even once it was researched and could no longer be purchased- actually it was all aircraft abilities
18. Increased the size of the abilities’ description box in the aircraft and the left large box
19. draw_box now has four gray lines drawn inside the box and added the option to add a title
20. Replaced all the buttons with the default button sprite outside of the missions menu with a new sprite
21. Fixed shift order queue not activating if the units’ AI caused them to target a unit and A clicking or Z clicking will now reset the mouse
22. Moved battlecruiser portraits to the left to line up with the ability reload bars, added space between reload bars, and moved the icons and weapon and power states to the left when the portrait background is active and updated the options menu button for the battlecruiser portraits and increased the size of the box background and made the icon move when the image background was selected
23. Added vision modes that can be used by pressing the tab button
24. Added life bars on battlecruiser portraits
25. Fixed game starting in menu resolution
26. Added internal e-mails, e-mails now scroll, and added dates between the e-mail buttons to separate them with new e-mail button sprites, and removed the read/unread text and replaced it with e-mail button two sprites
27. Buttons outside of the mission menu now change to the default font after their animation
28. Fixed Mainbase moving when right clicking to cancel an ability
29. Added portrait at the top left for the scanner

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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