Slizer: BMS v1.17b18

Release Date: 27/7/15
1. All green buttons in menus have now been replaced with blue buttons
2. Fixed the E-mail room drawing the background rectangle in front of the other boxes
3. Added pathfinder and EMP mine plans and changed pathfinder’s description from “to aiming friendly missiles” to “to aiming friendly and enemy missiles”
4. Added icons for self healing materials and scanner research
5. Zero and AIleram now require the SL tech research to be purchased and fixed Guardian Shield not being locked, and unlocked when researching SL tech
6. Fixed error that occured if the player deleted their savefile and the game tried to read it when starting the game
7. Fixed pings crashing the game if the instance they are on no longer exists
8. Fixed the Battlecruiser Lab spending resources when the player tried to buy something that was either already developed or unavailable and added system messages to show if an upgrade or ability is maxed out or unavailable
9. Added beam and sword weapon icons and added damage mechanics for them as well as added them to the library with schematics and images
10. Moved weapon icons and reload bars to the left of units and enemies now show reload bars if the tech for it has been researched
11. Multiple weapons images are now shown for each weapon in the library and fixed the laser and plasma weapon images being switched, moved down the main weapon schematic so that it doesn’t overlap with the title, increased the width and height of the left large box to fit the weapon description text and replaced it with the draw_box function, moved the library section buttons at the bottom to have equal spacing and make room so they do not overlap with the weapon graphs, and added a box behind the weapon images for each weapon
12. Updated the default keys to show the arrows keys as changing battlecruiser power states and tab as satellite scanning
13. Shifted the scroll bar to the left and the text box to the right in the email room and added a line between the e-mail stats and the e-mail message and the e-mail date in the e-mail stats, and fixed the dates of some e-mails being 0 or being the wrong date
14. Added icons for EMP missiles and the Pathfinder
15. Fixed mission 7 crashing the game because it did not have the “detected” variable, finished mission 7’s triggers, and the AI crashing the game in mission 7
16. Attraction and Dispersal research tech are now unlocked from the start of the game, which stops them from causing missiles to have max timers of 0 which crashes the game
17. Fixed mission 14 crashing the game because allied units were not being assigned the attack order properly so they were not getting a number of targets assigned
18. Princeps and Triarus units stolen in mission 4 now can be used in missions
19. SL shields now absorb 2 points of damage per point of SL shield and now show “S:” instead of “G:” in the damage text message
20. Updated mission 12 dialogue, removed alert enemies, and changed default enemy AI to formation
21. Enemy missile sites fixed to be now permanently cloaked
22. Added a formation for player units to maintain their current positions while moving at the same speed- actually it only makes them move at the same speed
23. Fixed mission 2 writing the names of the sender in the story message and added radio frequencies in each mission and a new message type, encrypted
24. Hastatus damage decreased to 5 and reload speed decreased from .05 to .04
25. Replaced dialogue for mission 7 and replaced message from “A. PRAETOR” to “DUGALLE” in mission 8 and added dialogue for mission 9
26. Fixed the win button sending the player to the mission menu instead of the map since the win button’s text changed
27. Added a warning animation message for campaign events that are very important
28. Fixed prop assist crashing the game when a unit comes out of it with an enemy unit in range since it did not use the give_order function so it did not assign the amount of targets
29. Fixed Arbiter’s passive flares crashing the game if the target missile’s target no longer exists when firing the flare

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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