Slizer: BMS v1.17b19

Release Date: 8/8/15
1. Pausing the game and winning or lose will stop alert sounds
2. Battlecruiser repair mode can now only be used after researching field repair tech which is the new name for the self healing materials tech, battlecruiser default repair material decreased to 100 health, and 50% health repair material is now unlocked by researching the new self healing materials research tech
3. Moved down the Return and Research buttons in the Research Lab
4. Added an SL shield research tech that makes SL shields twice as strong and replaced them by default being twice as strong as before
5. Winning mission 4 now unlocks the Build Hoverplanes research tech
6. Added a vertical line that goes across the scanner screen, the scanning rectangle now turns blue if an enemy is inside it, added a circular radar ping, added corners in the scanner screen, buttons to show left and right click buttons, and text at the top right
7. Added mission logs that show at the end of every mission
8. The number of unread e-mails is now displayed on the e-mail button if there are unread e-mails and fixed internal e-mails being declared and read as Alliance e-mails
9. Fixed the Alliance Aquila model scaling with unit mass and its weapon 2 stats replacing its weapon 1 stats and limited the firing angles of its second weapon
10. Moonrunner anti missile flares now fire 4 flares and use the new mouse targeting function and increased the number of flares to 25
11. Enemy praetors now have 10 anti missile flares and the Dugalle now has 20 anti missile flares
12. All missiles now get the default missile’s variables so that none of them will cause errors such as enemy flares trying to detect the visibility of the missile which only normal missiles and things like pathfinder drones had (maybe EMP missile too?)
13. Added a missile speed research tech upgrade, smart missiles research tech upgrade so that missiles ignore enemy flares, and a hack research tech upgrade to see enemy reload bars
14. Fixed avoid_attack causing units to move attack without using the give_order function, so they were not getting the amount of targets assigned
15. Added bartail, seagull, stormbreaker, stormsunder to the Alliance unit list so they are now in the library and can be placed in the simulator
16. Added error messages and animation to the end of mission 14 and fixed mission 14 crashing because it tried to draw a text alert on a variable “attack_target_x” that didn’t exist instead of doing it on Mainbase.x and y
17. Added punisher and desolator to the Alliance unit list
18. Fixed missile flares attracting missiles after they were created so that it works for enemies firing them at player missiles as well
19. Fixed the new formation function applying formation positions even when only a single unit was selected
20. Missiles now draw their range as a function of their speed and fuel instead of using static numbers
21. Added e-mail messages
22. Added a short term magshield to the Valkyrie, a research tech for magshield tech, and renamed the Laser research field to Physics
23. added a function to stop repeating sounds whenever the game is paused or won or lost
24. Added a vision mode frequency to detect enemies of various visibilities
25. Mainbase secondary weapon damage decreased from 20 to 10 and fixed Mainbase weapon damage upgrades only working on the starting damage and being removed when switching weapons
26. Added starburst ability to the starmaker and fixed the typo in the starmaker’s afterburner’s description from “Temporarily increass the Starmaker’s flight speed.” to “Temporarily increases the Starmaker’s flight speed.”
27. Fixed Wraith’s Mirage ability not using energy even though it could not be used unless it ahd sufficient energy
28. Replaced SL Shields from Starmaker and Starslash with a passive SL Shield- removed passive SL Shield
29. Fixed the turn_to function not turning all the way to the target

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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