Slizer: BMS v1.17b21

Release Date: 9/8/15
1. Scanner frequency in vision mode is now rounded when scanning and added title on top of the frequency saying “LASER SCANNING”
2. Fixed the New Game function making a new game with the same starting point as the currently loaded game
3. Story messages now use the universal sound volume
4. Fixed Mainbase changing power states when pressing Tab even when the arrow keys are used to change power states
5. Enemy Alliance battlecruisers can now use power states
6. Pathfinder Drones Return ability on the Pathfinder Drones now uses the same icon as the Pathfinder Drones Deploy ability on the Pathfinder
7. Added Deploy Smoke ability to Strikers that is unlocked by researching the Dispersal research tech
8. Added sides to the total units bar at the top of the screen in game
9. Added Starburst ability to Starslash
10. make_enemy function now deselects the unit to avoid it being selected after it has become a different player’s unit
11. Added a new map for mission 2
12. Added blue and green maps for the new missions and updated the list to show the correct blue and green maps for each mission
13. Removed minimap, moved over the enemy AI and start buttons to the middle, and put moved the enemy AI button further away from the start button in the simulation room
14. Moved ability hotkey rebind buttons to the right of the save changes button, fixed the first aircraft ability being in the battlecruiser section, added space between the different battlecruiser’s sets of abilities, reorgnaised the battlecruiser abilities to have all of one battlecruiser’s abilities together, labeled the battlecruiser ability sections, and moved the ability hotkey boxes to the left so that they are under the ability’s hotkey
15. Options are now saved in a file and loaded when starting the game
16. Fixed the button to change the battlecruiser power states only appearing when changing to the gameplay tab in the options menu
17. Fixed the fullscreen option and sound effect volume not updating the game object’s fullscreen and volume variables when changed
18. The user’s name in the messenger room is now the name on the user’s save file
19. Added unit indicators for tutorial messages
20. Updated the tutorial to use the new arrow keys power state system instead of the Tab power state system
21. Fixed Valkyries’ missiles adding the bonus from the missile speed research tech even if it was negative
22. Fixed the load game function using the game’s current number of units, upgrades, and other statistics rather than the number of statistics saved in the save file
23. Made Scramjet Missile Thruster research tech available by default to avoid errors with missiles
24. Added a scenarios game mode where only aircraft are available
25. The AI for enemies in missions is now stored in the game object
26. The pause menu now stores the current map that is being played so it can go back to it or stop it when using the pause menu
27. Added zones where you cannot place units in the Planning room
28. Units with the Retreat AI will now not respond to the avoid_attack function
29. Fixed error that caused the game to crash if an attack was ordered through shift clicking when it reached the queue since it did not assign the amount of targets, so the unit would either attack the wrong point and not damage the enemy unit or it would crash the game, presumably because it had no “attack_target_x” and “attack_target_y” variables

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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