Slizer: BMS v1.17b22

Release Date: 26/9/15
1. Added 21:9 aspect ratio
2. The player now received the resources from the tutorial mission, whether it was skipped or completed
3. The first unit placed in optional missions can now be deleted
4. Added black mode options: there is now an option to turn on custom coloured and custom transparency boxes behind unit display names in game, which also change player units’ lines to their display names to green and enemy unit’s lines to their display names red. This helps for dark backgrounds, to see unit display names clearly
5. The Missile turret, Laser Turret, Remote Mine, EMP Mine, Sagitus, Pathfinder Drones, Holograms, Enemy Mines, Plasma Towers, Heavy Missiles, TNNP Missiles, MMV Missiles, Anti Laser Missiles, now updates with the art style
6. Fixed bug where having hero portraits set to type 1 caused battlecruisers not to have the portrait_xorigin variable which crashed the game
7. Fixed fighter units having the wrong team colour with the older art styles
8. Added the ability to issue starting orders to units in the Planning Room with alt and right click
9. Fixed units turning when the player cancels unit placement mode in the Planning Room by right clicking
10. Updated the Planning Room’s help text and put it into sections
11. Added mission info and a box on the right side of the mission briefing room
12. Optimised armor damage in the attack script and divided armor damage by 10
13. Unavailable research tech now have dark red backgrounds so the player does not have to click on them to find out if they are available
14. Sagitus life decresaed from 200 to 80
15. Added Sagitarius unit to Allies
16. Added Previous Mission button for the mission menu
17. Added nine additional optional missions.
18. The supply and equipment indicator in the planning room is now a function and moves down in the optional missions to fix the supply not being visible
19. Added the Gunbarrow and Wing Guard to player units
20. Added the Armiger and Squtarius to Allies units
21. Fixed loaded games overwriting the current max number of player unit types
22. Apparently have a splash screen now? slizer logo appears when loading the game, because of the new version of gamemaker
23. Apparently have a splash screen now? slizer logo appears when loading the game, because of the new version of gamemaker
24. The Simulation room now has buttons to switch between player aircraft and player battlecruisers, and enemy Allies and Rebel units
25. Paladin shields are now drawn on every unit if they have paladin shield points. This optimises the scripts for the various paladin shield types sine they are now run in the step event rather than the draw event. This also draws paladin shields underneath units instead of on top
26. The anti missile laser ability now shows its cooldown below the icon
27. Reduced guardian shield max shield health from 500 to 100
28. Added a grid to the planning and simulation rooms to show where you can place units
29. Fixed bug and optimised damage calculation that allowed damage to be divided by armor even when the armor was zero [Added 28/9/15]

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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