Slizer: BMS v1.17b23

Release Date: 10/9/15
1. Updated the unit weapon type symbols
2. Units’ weapon type and state symbols are now rounded so they are drawn properly- removed because it made them jiggle
3. Tooltips are now drawn in the GUI layer above the object they are being drawn from, and are brighter
4. There is now an option to turn on ability buttons being real buttons that can be clicked on. Ability buttons now also have tooltips, in both normal mode and as real buttons
5. Added descriptions for the Gunbarrow and Wing Guard
6. Added 0,2,4,8x anti aliasing and v-sync in the graphics menu
7. Optimised the tooltip button to not draw if the text is empty
8. Fixed the Mainbase’s plasma shield hotkey changing to ‘shield_recharge_hotkey’ instead of showing the hotkey when at just above 0 shields
9. Fixed Venator’s holographic image using the same information as the Mariner’s holographic image
10. Armillian and Liberator’s abilities are now rebindable
11. Added descriptions and rebindable hotkeys for the Gunbarrow and Wing Guard
12. Remote EMP Mines now have their own Large EMP missile hotkey
13. Fixed the battlecruiser power state button in the options menu not changing the key used
14. Added buttons in the gameplay options menu to turn off ability buttons and ability tooltips in game
15. Battlecruisers now have stat points that can be moved between stats at any time instead of having linear upgrades
16. Starstrike base visibility reduced from 1 to .8
17. Balanced upgrade values for the Mainbase so that max upgrades at level 10 are now similar to the previous max upgrades at level 4.
18. Updated Mainbase to have normal acceleration
19. Added GUI size options in the art menu
20. Added laser rifle ability to Venator
21. Added Armiger boss to Allies in mission 8 and changed the triggers and dialogue to suit it, and fixed mission not ending
22. Decreased enemy Hastatus missile ammo from 10 to 8 and decreased enemy Princeps missile ammo from 8 to 6
23. Added Drangue to Alliance units
24. Updated Battlecruiser Shop graphics to fit text and new button
25. Optimised EMP missile and made it usable for enemies
26. Added sound for enemy missile launch
27. Added Rammer and Explorator to player units
28. Allies Velite damage reduced from 20 to 6
29. Fixed bug that caused Mainbase plasma shield to crash the game because the hotkey variable it was trying to use was wrong, and fixed it not using the reassigned hotkey

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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