Roguelike Mode

Version v1.17b24 has Rogue Mode. This is a completely separate visual mode where you play as an Alliance commander, fighting in Greenland.

New Visuals

The menu system has been completely reworked, using new art assets and a sidebar to access the old shops and other rooms, meaning that the mission menu is gone for Rogue Mode.

The white and black style has been replaced with black and blue gradients, as well as more transparency. Tooltips, menus, messages, and the BMS intro sequence have also changed colours.

New Gameplay

Units lost in this mode are permanently lost, giving it roguelite gameplay through permadeath and a replayability system:

Players name their character, and in the next patch will be able to change mothership as well. When a player loses their mothership, their commander will be considered Killed In Action, and the player will have to start a new character.

As the player defeats more enemies, they will go up in rank in the Alliance military, giving them additional starting money as well as access to more units and motherships.

This mode includes a map in which you can travel with your fleet to attack enemy airbourne units or enemy bases. Enemy units can attack your bases to take them over. There are also scanner bases which give you vision of a large area to scan for enemies.

Enemies can also be found using the linear scan or radial scan abilities to give you their approximate position. There is also a speed boost ability and an invisibility ability to avoid enemies and move around the map faster.

This mode is very basic at the moment, and will be updated with Away Teams and more mechanics for the bases, as well as access to different motherships as stated before. Player feedback will also be used to improve the roguelite RTS gameplay.

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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