Slizer: BMS v1.17b24

Release Date: 21/9/15
1. Added Rogue Mode
2. Added enemy boss units and player Ghost units to Simulator and Library
3. Fixed bug that caused missile abilities to crash the game because they tried to give variables to a missile that was already fired and whose instance was saved in a temporary variable
4. Fixed bug that caused sequential missiles to continue firing even when target was destroyed. I thought I already fixed that
5. Fixed bug that caused Mainbase to crash the game by trying to check for the AML hotkey when AML had not been equipped
6. Fixed bug that caused optional missions to crash the game when pressing start on a mission but not having placed any units
7. Added Princeps and Triarus plans and icons
8. Added Designate Target ability to Pathfinder to make any missiles fired at target unit unable to be redirected
9. Added battlecruiser buttons in the planning stage and removed additional battlecruisers being placed automatically
10. Fixed bug that allowed units to continue moving at prop assist unit speed even after arriving at destination and automatically stopping
11. Added designate target ability to Mainbase
12. Fixed loading game overwriting the new amount of max values for abilities, unit types, etc.
13. Added supply cost to unit button tooltips in Planning Stage, updated tooltips with new abilities, and added tooltips for princeps, triarus, aquila, reaper, EMP Mine, and Pathfinder
14. Fixed bug that confused unit types in the planning stage when deleting them, causing units to have the wrong type (only discovered when using both battlecruisers and aircraft)
15. Added Remote Magshield ability to Mainbase
16. Added Laser Sniper ability to Praetor
17. Added large weapon type icons in the weapons section of the library and added an animated graph behind the weapon schematics and moved them to the right
18. Added Hailstorm and Stormcell to the Rebel unit list so they are visible in the library and simulation
19. Fixed units that were owned not having a button in the planning stage
20. Added confirmation and denial system messages to purchasing aircraft and supplies in the Assembly Room
21. Moved Missile Redirect and Target Ally abilities to a new hacking system that multiple units can accesss, and added Shield Collapse ability to it. Mainbase, Pathfinder, Pathfinder drones, and Explorator have access to it, and set missile redirect and target ally abilities’ range to the emitter unit’s detection range.
22. Research buttons now have transparent green instead of white on them
23. Added confimation message when loading a different profile
24. Fixed the Add Supply button showing that it adds 10 supply in the button text even though it only adds 8. It now displays and adds the same number regardless of what that is
25. Valkyrie damage increased from 5 to 10, decreased Princeps damage from 20 to 15
26. Added models, names, and descriptions for all the unit weapon loadouts
27. Added a radar station icon to the map bases and updated the large base icon
28. Added Laser Rifle and Images ability to the Venator’s Battlecruiser shop and in the Library
29. Added total number of each unit next to their icons in the Assembly room, replaced the text boxes for units and missile with the new box with title function, and moved the box around all the unit buttons down and to the left to fit in the screen

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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