Slizer: BMS v1.17b25

Release Date: 19/11/15
1. Added Ship Battle Mode
2. Fixed simulation not having access to pause menu
3. Updated ability icon style
4. Updated damage system to not use a separate (although identical) calculation for extra damage (lasers, high speed shells, and beams that penetrate plasma shields). Instead of the extra damage being applied directly to the hull, it is repurposed as normal damage, and will therefore now go to GN shields if there are any, or if not be calculated as hull damage like any other leftover damage from shields
5. Added Stinger Shot ability to the Venator
6. Updated Longbow Missile to show its display name when it hits the target
7. Added a transformation time of one second to the Princep’s Flight Mode ability and decreased the speed increase from 2 to 1 and used the off icon for the ability button with a transformation timer
8. Updated damage system to calculate damage drop outside of the main damage calculations, replaced it in the damage calculation with shield bypassing and armor penetration, removed the do loop from damage calculation, and replaced the damage text in the damage calculation with an array showing damage number applied to each shield, and moved damage text to its own function
9. The flagship unit in Rogue mode is now considered a flagship and the player will lose the game if it is destroyed, and the player can assign a unit to be the flagship in the battleship mode
10. Removed extra image of millian in the battlecruiser icons in the planning room, which was causing the Liberator and the Revenant to have the wrong images as they were one behind the correct image
11. The images on the wraith’s Mirage ability now have no display name, making it easier to see the wraith and its display name
12. Player units can no longer be ordered to move or attack if their max speed is 0 or if they have no weapons, respectively
13. Fixed the load button not showing the last alphabetical save file
14. All variables using “game.unit_number[i]”, which was the variable that was being used in the number_units() function, have now been changed to game.unit_types[i,6]” which is the variable that was getting saved so it is now standardised and does not use two variables
15. Laser and Missile turrets now have transparency when hidden
16. Fixed unit names in the planning stage being “Undefined” (this bug might only have started in the development of this patch)
17. Added the in game message sound to the messenger room
18. Added lines showing the edges of the ranges of units instead of only showing arcs. Only shown when only one enemy unit or only one player unit is selected
19. Princeps supply cost increased from 10 to 15, and Triarus supply cost increased from 20 to 25
20. Moved battlecruiser ability number list to the game object so the library and battlecruiser shop don’t need to have it in them separately, and updated list to have all current abilities, and fixed millian having the mariner’s abilities
21. Updated mission starting locations for the minimap in the planning room
22. Fixed ability buttons in game activating the ability, such as instantly firing a missile, when clicked on
23. Added images on AM, AP, AL Fields and gave fields different colours than units (darker red, darker, green, lighter blue)
24. Reduced Mainbase turnrate from 2.5 to 1
25. Updated the firearms and high speed shell icons in game, and the weapon icons in the menus with transparency
26. Moved the status icon for units in game to line up with the healthbar and the weapon type icon
27. Fixed the Mariner’s Images ability updating the mouse’s sprite leftover from the old mouse target system
28. Added a sensors_on variable so now units will not fire on other targets if their sensors are off, such as in a blackout field
29. Fixed AL missile trying to draw its text message on detonation on a target unit when there was none, crashing the game

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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