Slizer: BMS v1.17b26

Release Date: 12/1/16
1. Fixed enemy units being able to fire outside of their range when ordered to attack
2. Missile turrets now have to be fired manually, to avoid wasting missile on a target that will die before they all hit
3. Streamlined the Mariner’s images ability moving images that were outside of the range, and made the movement smoother, fixed the Mariner moving other unit’s projected images to within it’s own range[That was not actually happening nor could it] fixed the Mariner only keeping the last image it made in range while the rest were able to move outside its range, images can no longer be made from another image, and instead casting image on an image will destroy it, images now have the movement speed of their image targets, fixed the images showing the energy transfer laser range, and limited images to be made only inside the Mariner’s range
4. Added a second image background on the pause menu and made the background dark blue
5. Added a workaround for the bug in GameMaker where holding a key and then tabbing out of the game would not register the release of that key. Since tabbing out is generally done with [Alt]+[Tab], the Alt key is registered as pressed but never released, causing units to move out of formation and for turrets to not be able to fire, even when the alt key was not physically pressed. While it it not useful not, the indicator at the bottom right of the screen now correctly shows whether the alt key is pressed as a 0 or 1.
6. Added draft mode to Ship Battle mode and updated draft mode description to indicate that placed units cannot be deleted
7. Updated the avoid_attack function so that battlecruisers no longer automatically avoid charged attacks, since they rarely ever could get out in time
8. Added a siege mode ability to the Gunbarrow and updated the draw_sniper button to work on units without the sniper_ability so siege mode can use it
9. Added different movement types: normal, hover, and fighter, and the new movement system for some reason actually resets turn speed when the unit has stopped turning so that’s good
10. Added optional armor types that can be put on units in the planning room
11. Fighters are now the only unit type that do not lose turning speed while moving
12. Pathfinder now has vectored movement
13. Added armor types and movement types to the library
14. The research option selected in the Research Lab will now show its name using the draw_box function instead of drawing it separately
15. Added flares to Havok and flak gun to Anti Missile Plasma Shotgun to Monsoon A and Monsoon B
16. Ion shotgun now destroys missiles as well, both friendly and enemy, and added text messages to the hits
17. Updated library to include AMPS in the Monsoon’s descriptions, as well as fixed their names to include A and B instead of I and II
18. The Terrain, Player AI, Formation, and Enemy AI buttons now have their own icons with tooltips
19. Fixed custom colours having slightly less red than originally given after loading save files by converting the saved colours from 6 significant figure scientific notation to normal integers
20. Added a tower type unit, made the Allies Missile Tower a tower type, and added Sensor Tower for Allies
21. Added another art type with anti aliased unit models
22. Added a passive weapon speed burst ability to the Wraith
23. Added AML Tower and Laser Tower to Allies
24. Wraith secondary weapon speed decreased from .05 to .025 and damage decreased from 10 to 5
25. Player missiles now die if they have 0 or less health
26. Reduced missile tower’s missile range from 1200 to 700 Fixed Missile turret maintaining an attack target until it exited the tower’s missile range instead of until it exits its weapon range
27. Fixed the loading files function counting one less file than there is, which fixed the options save files in the Options menu not showing the last save file, and the load game menu now shows saved games even if there is only one file
28. Fixed an error in the Wraith’s description: changed “…but is more easily shot down then other aircraft.” to “…but is more easily shot down than other aircraft.” and added information about its weapon heat up
29. Fixed battlecruiser ammunition counter at the top of the screen showing Praetor suppression missiles, Bellator railgun array, Mariner MSL missile even if they had not been researched, and updated the ammo counter names of the Bellator’s Railgun array from “SCRM:” to “RAIL:”, the Mariner’s MSLS from “MGN:” to “M_SL:”, the Bellator’s Missile Barrage from “MIS:” to “MSL:”, added the Mainbase’s remote magshield and the Venator’s stinger shot abilities to the ammo counter, and added the Revenant’s abilities to it as well as fixed the Revenant not using the player_ships object’s default GUI drawing because it wasn’t inheriting it

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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