Slizer: BMS v1.17b27

Release Date: 6/2/16
1. Added in game portrait for Revenant
2. Added energy bar under health bar for battlecruiser portraits and updated the healthbars to make each segment stand out more
3. Reduced the size of ammo bars in battlecruiser portraits so that they do not overlap
4. Added a button to switch between duplicating your current save file or creating a new one in the main menu, fixing the problem of new users having exactly the same stats as the old user, and the load button now displays the current user’s current mission and resources
5. Added a stun reduction variable so now units with charge armor will be immune to stuns, and battlecruisers will have stun reduction. Removed the effect of the research upgrade that makes all units immune to stun and instead made it apply to charge armor
6. Increased Revenant’s visibility from .5 to .75
7. Added Railgun Overload ability to Striker, fixed Railguns not applying cooldown if a moving shot was performed
8. Fixed Drangue not targeting aircraft near it if any player battlecruisers existed on the map, and fixed EMP rocket showing “EMP_MSL HIT” when it hit
9. Updated background maps for first ten levels
10. Added a background map grid with lines and numbers that can be turned off
11. Fixed Mainbase not using speed increase from excess power system when moving in an order other than the Move order
12. Updated Battlecruiser portrait backgrounds to not cover the “WPN” text with black, included weapon type and power state icons, shifted the portrait to the left, changed the text “WEP” to “WP” and “PWR” to “PW” to make the icons fit, and fixed backgrounds changing colour based on the previous battlecruiser being selected rather than the current one
13. Fixed bug that caused remote mines to crash the planning stage
14. Fixed battlecruisers not being fully registered as acquired for the planning stage, and added that to the save and load systems
15. All in game tooltips for abilities now also have the ability name and hotkey in them, and added names and hotkeys for the Triarus beam weapon, Gunbarrow Howitzers, and the Wing Guard’s AML and updated the tooltip for it
16. Fixed bug that caused unlocked research from the currently loaded game to not be overwritten when making a new game. As a result, new save files will not be able to unlock features that are currently locked due to them being incomplete, so to access new features that are locked in future versions, the save file will have to be manually edited or a new game will have to be started
17. The Mainbase now isn’t inherently a flagship, so it may be killed during simulations and ship battles without losing the mission
18. Rearranged Art tab in the Options menu and added boxes to organise it
19. Updated ability icons to new style
20. Added changing colour to the battlecruiser icon in the art tab of the Options menu
21. Added Spear Lanzer to player units
22. Upgraded ability database to include number of abilties on each unit, and optimised how they are declared and saved. This allows for all unit abilities to have tooltips with the ability name and hotkeys, and removed abilities that were named “None”, which took up space in the save files and hotkey rebinding menu, added all unit abilities to the key rebinding and layout menus, and added the unit name to the keyboard layout to more easily isolate duplicate keys
23. Upgraded the stealth system to make player units be detected, and added enemy global detection systems
24. Upgraded the game message system to show images, and only play the warning sound as long as it is running, avoiding it accidentally continuously playing even when the mission has ended or is paused, and optimised the code
25. Fixed Heavy Missile Explosions being targetable even though they could not die, fixed their damage being directly proportional to distance from the explosion instead of inversely proportional, and changed damage type from explosion to plasma
26. Added a weapon accuracy system so weapons take time to lock on to a target, and smaller or fast moving units are harder to hit
27. Added an optional simple collision system
28. Added Battle Draft mode to Ship Battles and [after 29] fixed the win condition not working for Ship Battles, and added a separate win condition for Battle Draft that requires that you summon all ships, and added wins and losses being saved and displayed
29. Fixed Armillian’s Return All ability being applied to all player units, fixed it not using its rebindable hotkey, and fixed hotkey rebinding not working (bug was caused during this patch’s development)

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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