Slizer: BMS v1.17b28

Release Date: 2/4/16

1. Fixed bug that caused the Haurricane B to crash the game if no player units existed when it fired it’s plasma howitzer
2. Added a light blue line on the menu bar in ABMS mode to make it easier to see
3. Made the enemy stats screen in game the same colour as the player units screen to make it more visible, and combined some of the fields together, updated SL Shield name from “GSLD” to “SSLD”, added a “DETECTED” indicator to show if the unit is visible to all enemies,
4. Added a random percent chance for units to hit their target if their weapon accuracy is less than the target’s evasion, and gave units evasion based on their health, and added weapon accuracy stats to the UI unit stats screen in game, added accuracies for all weapons, added a thinner gray line instead of blue for when a unit misses the target, added a targeting timer that activates when attacking a new unit so that the accuracy system has less delay when hitting a target repeatedly, and added these variables to the UI unit stats sidebar
5. Reduced Stormbringer thrust from 1000 to 200
6. Spear Lanzer’s Ion Howitzer finished so it moves the unit into range of the target before firing
7. Added a blue version of all ability and upgrade icons for the menus, finished removing the white parts of ability icons, and fixed the transparency of icons being different colours, causing parts of the icons to be shaded differently, and (fixed or added, not sure) the upgrade butons in the aircraft lab to change the icon based on the upgrade level
8. The missile section of the ship lab now uses the box function instead of showing its name in a blue box, made the icon change depending on if missiles were available, removed the text showing currently used missile bays and replaced it with a visual indicator, and changed the missile buttons to only add a missile while the missile bay buttons remove the current missile, and updated the relevant menus that had those icons updated
9. Added a sound effect for error messages and reduced the time they show on screen, and added error text to show
10. Fixed the Moonrunner’s firearm weapon name having the same model number as the Moonrunner laser weapon, and updated all subsequent firearms to have updated firearm model numbers
11. Added a button to change the map’s colours in game, and removed that functionality from the terrain button
12. Added a button to save new options files
13. Updated sensor system to make units have a low chance of hitting their targets if sensors are off, to have its own timer and separate variable, and it now turns off detection on the target unit
14. Added Sensor Disruption ability to Explorator
15. All weapon plans now are transparent instead of having white interiors
16. Added Explorer Drone to Explorator and removed the old pathfinder abilities on it except for the hacking module
17. Fixed bug that caused Gunbarrow to crash the game because it was trying to access the wrong hotkeys
18. Added a tutorial to teach the basics of RTS, advanced orders, unit types, battlecruisers, and other things.
19. Added model for infantry
20. Pathfinder and Explorer drones can now be spawned independently of their mothership units by giving them default variables so that they do no crash the game
21. Damage drop graphs in the Library will now highlight the point your mouse is over and tell you the damage and made the damage_drop_ratio function work outside of the game and optimised it
22. Added Tutorial button in the mission menu and moved the buttons on the right of the menu furter to the right to be symmetrical to the buttons on the left of the menu, and moved the optional missions and ship missions a bit to the right
23. Optimised and made the Unit Portraits more organised.
24. Fixed the bar at the top of the screen in game that shows the percent of units each side has extending to the left of the screen when there were no units at the start of the game. Now the line will not show at all fi this happens. Fixed the max player and enemy units not increasing for new units added after the start of the game.
25. Fixed invisible enemy units showing up on the minimap when not detected
26. Weapon accuracy is now displayed on the left of the screen and all enemies now have their own weapon accuracies
27. Fixed Player Princeps’ laser weapon not having the updated 10 damage instead of 5, fixed the enemy Triarus having its second weapon stats overwrite its first weapon stats
28. Fixed battlecruiser ability database having been deleted, causing the Battlecruiser section of the library to crash the game by trying to access it
29. Fixed the Imperator, Millian, Mariner, Armillian and Revenant crashing the game because they did not have a weapon accuracy for their second weapons, and also added accuracy to the Liberator, and gave the Zero two weapon states

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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