Slizer: BMS v1.17b29

Release Date: 25/5/16

1. Fixed bug that caused the Banshee to crash the game if it was placed in the simulation room because it was not getting upgrade stats
2. Added weapon accuracy in the Aircraft Shop for the weapon loadouts and the Planning unit tooltips, and optimised it in Planning
3. The text message indicating that a unit was hit now shows the unit’s name, and optimised the damage_string function to not include standardised text based on the unit’s owner and optimised the text_alert function to take a custom colour instead of determining the colour on its own based on the text, since now damage text will be different for each unit instead of a standard that the functions could have used to determine colour, made miss text messages also have the colour of the owner of the unit that fired, death messages now also show the unit names, and changed the colour of the line indicating normal player hits to make it different from the line showing a player miss
4. Fixed Armillian airmechs not having vectored movement or any dodge, and fixed all deployable units not having evasion
5. Added a death animation for units
6. Fixed upgrades being applied twice for player aircraft by removing the individual upgrade functions on each player unit object, so upgrades are only applied from Planning and maps without the planning stage will have an upgrade function added to them
7. Increased Havok reload speed from .005 to .08
8. Added an indicator to show when the game is saving and loading
9. Updated the Valkyrie’s description
10. Added a visual notification to show which unit is being hit with a rectangle behind their name and an image above it
11. Added some interceptor to Rebel units
12. Added “Basics” and “Advanced” titles in the tutorial
13. Reduced Hastatus’ missile ammo from 8 to 4
14. Added Railgun Tower to Allies and Nova Tower to Rebels
15. Moved Player and Rebel buildings to new lists so that they are separate from normal units, fixed the unit type icons in the Simulation room having overlapping symbols, and added a tooltip for the Spear Lanzer, and made buildings unusable in water missions
16. Added portraits for the Aquila, Reaper
17. Added individual targeting times and targeting speeds to all units
18. Fixed Armillian not having an accuracy variable for its second weapon state. which would crash the game
19. Added sensor turret and sensor tower models
20. Added the damage drop icon to the library weapons section and fixed the line not extending to max
21. Shortened the length of the Units text in the BMS Help tab of the Library, added a Control text, removed the Enemy text, included shift-clicking to select multiple units in the Control text, fixed the aggressive move icon being listed as move attack, updated the text about the position of the weapon type icon being above the unit’s state icon, moved the Help tab’s text down so it doesn’t overlap with the icon and moved the icon down and to the right to not overlap with the title, and added new images
22. Added an icon next to the name of the speaker in story dialogue boxes and added this feature to missions 1-10, added a frequency for the enemy dialogue in mission 9, removed he skip_message function on missions whose triggers were not supposed to be skipped because of timed events happning early, and decreased the timers on mission 7’s last two story messages which were at 15 and 50 seconds
23. All units now decelerate when ordered to stop or when offline, instead of simply stopping in place, decreased acceleration by 10 times for all units, added deceleration which is twice the acceleration, multiplied the acceleration’s display on the left side of the screen to be 1000 times as large since only the starslash, sentry drone, Drangue, and mechs had acceleration that rounded to 0.01 rather than 0.00, and doubled Mainbase’s base thrust from 100 to 200
24. Fixed the map grid and map shade buttons [(from 27) and tooltips] from moving when the user zoomed in, replaced the button objects on the right of the screen with the button object and removed the enemy AI button in story mode, and fixed the terrain button not working on the first press, made player units not need the player_AI object to run
25. Fixed bug that had rarely been causing the game to crash when there were too many in game text messages and it tried to remove the first one, shifting the rest down and trying to access the i,7 th array index that was not declared
26. Library buttons now have new image and show a folder image next to Library sections buttons and file icons next to each topic button that display which file and folder is currently open, and made the enemy and battlecruiser buttons the same format as the other buttons using the draw_buttons function
27. Added turning off sensors to the Venator’s ECM ability Added Designate Weapons Target ability to Explorator
28. Added Jammer Turret, Sensor Turret, Mortar Turret, and Sprayer Turret to player units
29. Fixed Anti Missile weapon systems crashing the game when trying to access variables through the damage system that missiles did not have

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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