Slizer: BMS v1.18

Release Date: 6/7/16
1. Fixed EMP missiles crashing the game when hitting enemy flares
2. Rearranged the side buttons in game and edited them to make them more visible when not highlighted
3. Added Scram Gun and Beam Gun to player units
4. Units no longer need to have the ability position variables in them
5. Added a way to know how much extra damage was done to a killed unit and optimised attack function
6. Fixed the simulation room subtracting the weight of aircraft when removing any unit including non-aircraft, leading to negative weights, and fixed deleting buildings crashing the game
7. Added a new font for menu titles
8. Added the art style function to be applied to all units at the start of the game or in the make_unit function, instead of it being run in each unit individually. This fixed the Squall not having an art style applied to it and it crashing the game when it was attacked because it didn’t have the name_width variable to draw the damaged animation. Also moved unit model size changes based on health to the art function to make it standard and removed the ability x and y position variables from individual units since they don’t need them anymore. All units now inherit name_width so they don’t crash the game, fixing images not having the variable.
8. Fixed keyboard options menu from crashing because it was going through one more unit than existed
9. Fixed Rogue mode crashing the game when trying to start combat, and then making that save file crash the game when trying to log into it again, fixed it crashing when trying to make a first save file, and saved it crashing because it was skipping the amount of existing ships when loading
10. Moved unit and building availability to be specific for each game mode. Rogue mode no longer has access to buildings to avoid having them set up in the game and planning set up and to save and load that data, but also because those buildings don’t make much sense for the Alliance to use. Ship Battle mode no longer has access to any of the unit or building buttons.
11. Story messages now have the image switched for Allies and Slizer
12. Added deceleration due to drag calculated with speed squared
13. Resources are no longer attained from enemy kills, but the player will now get a budget per mission. Added a research option to get some resources from enemy kills.
14. Added a room for the post mission text instead of having it be over the map
15. Added a return to mission menu button for every room that takes up less space than the old button
16. Added a directory to the library files as a tooltip
17. Removed black transparency that showed up on the edges of units [player units only]
18. Menu title names changed to BMS menu font and made them upper case
19. Buttons and sliders no longer have a depth of -10,000 so they wouldn’t go over tooltips.
20. Added a missile down animation and an explosion animation, and redid how missiles work to streamline their behaviour. Added individual messages for missile down and out of fuel. Redid the EMP, Rocket, anti missile, large EMP (made the EMP reduce stun duration by 25% instead of removing it completely for player, like the research tech said). Made player heavy missiles parented to the player_units object so they can be hit. All Missiles will now continue to last location of a lost target if the target dies.
21. Fixed Image units not being able to move, added a destroy image ability on them
22. Fixed the abilities not being purchasable in the battlecruiser lab
23. Added plans and icons for the mortar and sprayer turrets, and icons for the scramgun and beam gun units
24. Added a blue model for the old style of support units since it did not have it
25. Added a unit, building, tech section to the Library and changed the default text shown from “enemies” to “Library”, shifted the Shields, Weapons, Armor, and BMS Help buttons to the left to make space for the new buttons, and added a background for the file title text
26. Fixed the SL shield still being called a GN shield in the abilities list (I had changed the name in the Mainbase abilities list, but I don’t think that list is used anymore), and fixed grammar mistake from “and does not have it’s own power generator” to “and does not have its own power generator”
27. Moved the “ships” title to the right box where the ships are listed and replacede it with the name of the ship, made the boxes for the ship description and missiles longer, made the missiles box extend down more and pushed the Build Missile button down and moved the missile description text so it wouldn’t overlap, and moved the missile buttons to the right so they wouldn’t overlap with the box title
28. Mission Briefing now only show one line of text at a time, moved the text to the bottom of the screen, changed the username to be whatever the player’s name is, added maps with moving zoom, added extra briefing dialogue, added map location symbols, fixed mission 5 using the old mission briefing text, extended the white box behind the room title to fit the new font, added variable message types and made dark gray instead of just being black and saying “MSNGR: Internal”
29. Fixed in game story messages icons overlapping with the name bar

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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