Slizer: BMS v1.18b1

Release Date: 15/7/16
1. Fixed enemy units with a player unit model being green instead of blue
2. Fixed transports in mission 6 not fully leaving the mission, making the mission impossible to win
3. Adjusted the automated size of aircraft models to vary less
4. Enemy abilities will no longer make player units move if they already have a movement order, added the “unit_type” variable from the player_ships unit to Allies and Rebels ships to make all ships be excluded from avoiding attacks
5. Enemy units now have a standardised alternate weapon switching algorithm Enemy Praetor, DeGaulle have AI to change weapons
6. Maps 1-10 now have building names,
7. In game story message box font changed to new menu title font
8. DeGaulle secondary weapon damage decreased from 100 to 60
9. Added weapon lock stats to the unit stats sidebar and removed the lock indicator on the weapon target line
10. Fixed pathfinder and explorator drones not moving
11. Fixed sensor disruption not allowing units to attack by removing their target, and jamming turrets having no effect. Sensor disruption now reduces accuracy to 0
12. Fixed Mainbase not decelerating if its state was attack
13. Increased player heavy missiles’ armor from 1 to 5 and all missiles’ except the longbow missile health from 1 to 10 and the longbow missile from 10 to 20, and fixed them not having any recorded speed, and fixed them not having evasion by giving them the apply_unit_stats function
14. Fixed the recorded speed of units not including the gamemaker speed variable Increased Longbow missile thrust from 80 to 160 to keep the same acceleration, and added a speed indicator on the missile
15. Fixed player heavy missiles crashing the game if an anti weapon field tried to detect their weapon type because their weapon type was not an array, and fixed the BO, LE, and MGN missiles detonating as soon as they were fired if aimed at an enemy unit instead of a location, fixed MGN field crashing the game when hit because it did not have owner and extra armor variables
16. Targeting now uses the turret speed of the current weapon rather than a constant, and doubled the target_speed variable t make it easier to outrun enemy weapons, movement orders now use the deceleration variable instead of the acceleration to slow down
17. Fixed units decelerating too soon due to the distance calculation using the unmodified move speed, but I had to multiply the braking distance by 2 to make it work. There might be two movement scripts running at the same time.
18. Urdswan third weapon reload decreased from .005 to .002, second weapon accuracy reduced from 40 to 20, damage decreased fro 50 to 40, reload decreased from .01 to .004, fixed fuel tank lasting too long not turning off the speed when turning off the fuel tanks when not moving, and the fuel duration is now drawn on the unit, fixed DeGaulle starting with .04 reload speed and 220 range, reduced DeGaulle and enemy Praetor secondary weapon reload speed from .05 to .04, Urdswan primary weapon damage decreased from 8 to 15, DeGaulle speed from .4 to .44
19. Added text to explain how to cancel orders in the planning screen, added buttons to change Main Base abilities, fixed armour tooltips saying “unavailable” when they were not and not showing it when they should have, added hacking module and Variable magnetic afterburners to the ability list to allow for the Mainbase ability selection in Planning to work, added a button in the Planning room to go back to the mission briefing, made clicking outside of the placment zone not deselect units so the equipment bar does not disappear when you click on it, moved unit buttons to the left
20. Added icons under units to show wen they have their sensors off, are targeted for missiles, or targeted for weapons, and moved the armour type ion to be just below the health bar
21. Fixed removing buildings in the planning room also reducing the amount of ambush units used
22. Added BO, AM and AP missiles as weapon choices for the EMP missile silo, and renamed it to Remote Missile Silo
23. Fixed player units, shields, and other parts of units being visible in BO fields
24. Striker railgun cooldown increased from 10 to 25
25. Hunter now remains invisible while its weapons are reloaded instead of it being when it was moving or stopped
26. Fixed enemies not moving to the unit that hits it when they are stopped and the enemy scanner not triggering
27. Added the menu title font on buttons, warning messages, and game messages
28. Added DPS for weapon in the aircraft lab and extended the boxes further down, pushed unit portraits down, pushed alternate weapon boxes down and extended hem to the right to include all the text an fixed the tooltip not showing when the moue was at the bottom of the box, fixed only buildable units being available for upgrades, added prices for Gunbarrow, Wing Guard, Rammer, Explorator upgrades and abilities, fixed weapon names going outside of the box (tried putting it on two lines, then shortening it), and fixed a Gunbarrow being given to new players since that unit slot used to be EMP mines
29. Fixed the Princeps and Triarus not showing their plans in the Lab menus

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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