Slizer: BMS v1.18b2

Release Date: 24/7/16
1. Added roads to backgrounds 1-10
2. The box behind the upgrade buttons in the Aircraft Lab now uses the draw_box function and pushed the bottom part up. Battlecruiser buttons in the Battlecruiser lab are now portraits instead of the units’ models, made the box behind the let boxes taller, made the missiles box the text and buttons in the missile box start further to the left, moved the text and buttons in the missile box to the left, removed the names of missiles being drawn above the missile buttons and shortened the text underneath from “Available” to “AVBL”, missile buttons move closer together and given the spr_ability_button_menu outline and they now have their name and description in their tooltip, removed the titles on the ability buttons and renamed the box from “Tech Abilities” to “Equipment” and extended the abilities box and ability text box further down and made the ability text box start further to the right and down, and removed the “buy” button at the bottom right by making battleship_upgrades_shop not a button, moved the “Research Upgrades” button to the right, and made the error messages for the upgrade and ability buttons use the system messages’ error feature and gave them a system message to confirm the purchase
3. Moved the top ability buttons in the Mainbase Lab down, changed the box name from “Tech Abilities” to “Equipment” and extended it down, reduced the size of the black box behind the selected ability buttons so that it does not extend further than the ability icon, moved the equipped abilities down and the “Equipped” text to the left, spaced out the ability buttons so that they do not overlap, added a new button under the ability selection buttons to equip and unequip them, replaced the old ability selection button tooltip with the in game tooltip, moved the ability buttons to the left, and extended the upgrades box further
4. Removed the box on the left of the Research Lab and extended the ability box further to the right, and moved the “Research” button to the left
5. Removed the title of missile buttons in the Assembly room and moved them up, moved the Build Missile button to he to right of the missiles box and moved the icon next to it further down, added tooltips to the missile buttons, shifted the missiles box down, moved the missile text to the right, made the unit text fit in the box, and changed the Build Missile starting text from “Build” to “Build Missile”
6. Aircraft, Mainbase, Research, and Assembly rooms now use the error feature and have system messages when confirmed, and fixed the Research Lab’s and Missile Building’s error for insufficient resources calculating more than it had to, Buy Supplies button purchase message changed from tonnes of supply ordered’ to ‘ orders of supplies requested”, and added a line to show which level the mouse is over in upgrade sliders
7. Fixed Allies unit type button in the Simulation room not showing an image if Bosses were selected, fixed the Rebel Bosses button having he tooltip “Rebels” instead of “Rebel Flagships”, and added Allies Bosses
8. Fixed the Return to Mission Briefing button keeping the Start Mission Button, even when leaving the mission
9. Mission supplies now only add supplies to completed missions Mission Supplies are now the difficulty mechanic of the game and have buttons in the Planning room Added a Supplies bar in the Planning room
10. Added a new button image for the Duplicate/New user button in the main menu removed the text from it, and edited the tooltips. Added “Enter Name:” above text entry for new users
11. Armor menu in the planning room moved to the bottom of the screen and turned to the right, and made it only appear when selecting a unit, battlecruiser buttons moved to the bottom of the screen ands edited the box to be only as wide as it needs to be, the planning equipment icons at the top of the screen are now buttons, and fixed the help text using “GN” rather than “SL”, and fixed buildings being able to use ambush, prop assist, and beam weapons, and added a planning section to the Library
12. Added an animation to tooltips
13. Moved the planning drawn help text up, removed the box at the bottom of the planning room, moved unit buttons own to show the placement zone ion and make room for a destroyer button maybe, moved the weapon icon under units’ names up to align with the weapon text
14. Moved the User account button on the main menu to the right to make it the same distance from the log in button from the ABMS button
15. Mission 1 part 2 now has a wraith instead of the Mainbase, added an arrow to show where to go, fixed the “skip tutorial” button disappearing when you mouse over it
16. Fixed loading and saving icons not showing until loading and saving were done by making saving and loading be done in the game object
17. Fixed tooltips being larger than they should be in menus
18. Fixed the mouse cursor disappearing when right clicking in the Planning room
19. Fixed the end mission fade out in the navigation room showing the mission_log’s button sprite when mousing over the return to mission menu button
20. The Next Mission button is now a button that shows buttons to select a mission
21. Fixed the Buy aircraft button, Anti aliasing button, Ship portraits option button, Optional Mission Menu, text exiting the button
22. Added unit tooltips for the Gunbarrow, Wing Guard, Rammer, and Explorator, and automated adding ability names to them in the Planning room, fixed the Triarus tooltip having an extra line break, and fixed buying pathfinders and spear lanzers actually buying Wing guards and something else by updating the get_unit_number function
23. Moved ability buttons, ship image and text in the battlecruiser lab in the library further up and extended the box further down, moved the files further down and gave them a box, fixed the armor section using the names of the shields section
24. Fixed making a new account changing save data?
25. Fixed Urdswan model not showing in mission 4
26. Fixed Mission 1 not registering as won unless missions not registering as won
27. Fixed Navigation having 0 visibility on text
28. Fixed mission 4 giving Reapers and Aquilas to the player and not giving princeps or triarii to the player by fixing the get_unit_number function using he enemy versions instead of the player versions
29. Fixed missions giving the resource amounts from the previous mission

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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