Slizer: BMS v1.18b3

Release Date: 8/8/16
1. Supply cost increased for Reaper from 25 to 28, Aquila from 20 to 24,
2. Moved some of the enemies further away in mission 3 to delay their arrival at the player
3. Added a line to separate the unit type buttons from the nit buttons in the planning room
4. Increased the duration of Large EMP’s from 10 seconds to 20
5. Used the system to check for the Alt key getting stuck when tabbing in the Planning room
6. Fixed the laser turret crashing the game when trying to check the playerAI object
7. Fixed the laser turret not showing a supply cost in its tooltip in the Planning room
8. Fixed the third weapon loadout for the mortar cannon not doing anything and replaced it with a suppression field
9. Removed initial sprayer turret, sagitus given to player, and added an extra Valkyrie, Wraith, and Arbiter
10. Fixed Missile turret crashing the game when trying to check the playerAI object by giving it the ambush_trigger function
11. Removed initial scram ground cannon and beam ground cannon given to player
12. Mission 6 now has a planning phase with only buildings and battlecruisers, and moved the starting point further to the center
13. Fixed simulation unit buttons having text going out of the button and XFixed Allies bosses button in the simulation not being blue
14. Fixed mortar cannon not having an icon for when there were none left in the planning room
15. Fixed Remote Missile Silo and Remote Mine not being transparent or showing an ambush symbol, and fixed jammer turret crashing the game when trying to heck for the playerAI object by giving it the ambush_trigger() function and made it inherit the player_unit’s draw event
16. Fixed mortar cannon not dying when out of ammo
17. Renamed In Game Background Colour sliders title to BMS Background Colour, and renamed ‘Maximum Simultaneous In Game Text Alerts: to Maximum Text Alerts: in the Options menu, pushed the hotkey buttons up in the hotkeys tab, pushed the damage drop and damage text buttons up and the unit move speed button to the right and up, added a box for Physics and Input, moved buttons to fit in either box and replaced the buttons with the old button to be the new button in the Gameplay tab, moved the minimap size slider and max text messages buttons to the right, moved the menu background colour section down, moved the BMS Background Colour, UI Text Background Colour, and Unit Display Name Box Colour sliders down, added the text for Unit Display Name Box Colour on top of the sliders. and moved the box behind the sliders and pushed the start of the BMS colours box and BMS Background Colour section to the right to align with the BMS Ui Design Style box
18. Fixed tooltips going slightly off the right and lower side of the screen
19. Added buttons for the Menu and Vision texts in game and moved the vision type text down
20. Added a gradient for ABMS’s menu windows
21. Added a Library section for people
22. Armor types now have their stats centralised instead of hard coded, so the tooltips and their application on units will all be the same. This optimised the way their symbols are drawn on units. Armor tooltips now show the exact stats against each weapon type
23. XUpdated the enemy units shown in the planning stage and removed them showing in non mission modes
24. Added a contact list in Messenger and moved the waves box down, added an image for slizer’s portrait earlier in this patch and made the portrait function use it
25. Vision mode no longer needs two units selected to scan, optimised it and fixed the full scan not revealing an enemy and changed it to reveal an enemy for 10 seconds, added a circle and text to show enemy ping distances after the ping has found an enemy, fixed mouse text overlapping
26. The Ship Battle Menu button in the planning stage has been moved to the left and had its text fit in the button, and pushed the planning stage ship buttons to the right and fixed the box extending to the size of how many ships were available to deploy rather than how many buttons there were, removed the ship buttons when no ships are available, fixed the ship battle planning phase having a tiled image by removing the image being applied to that room, fixed battle draft mode crashing the game because it tried to use the make_unit function before the UI had been made (not sure why this is a problem only now), fixed “no placement zones” being used from the optional missions and gave them just the right side of the screen instead, replaced the max ships slider with the draw_number_arrows function, moved the max ships slider to the right and down and decreased the max amount of ships to 11 set the max ships on the slider to the actual amount of max ships, removed the text underneath it, pushed the bottom of the box up and the right side to the left. Extended the width of the cells and the box for the scores, moved it to the left and resized it. Fixed ship reinforcements buttons in battle draft still showing when restarting fixing it crashing the game when going to the mission menu, fixed battle draft not allowing the player to delete their ships, fixed the mouse staying green when leaving ship battles, made the error message for not having a flagship use the error feature of the system message function, and added an error message when no units were placed
27. Added a whole number only feature to sliders
28. Fixed Aircraft Optional Missions leaving the mouse as green when leaving the mission, removed two duplicate buttons that were outside of the screen and some othe runused code, added an error message when no units were placed
29. Added BO missiles to the DeGaulle and made the Urdswan retreat when the ship retreats

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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