Slizer: BMS v1.18b4

Release Date: 31/8/16
1. Added weapon sound effects
2. Added a BMS intro sound sequence
3. Fixed a bug where an image had its attack line stuck on where an enemy unit had died, removed image attacks
4. Increased Mainbase thrust from 200 to 250
5. Fixed Spear Lanzer’s Ion Howitzer stun times being in steps instead of seconds
6. Fixed Enemy scanning showing on the UI instead of on the map and moved it to it’s own unit to optimise it, made it so that only missions where Allies are the main enemy have the Allies scan, and added a tooltip
7. Added missile hit and missile down sounds Added hit and down sounds for player and enemy missiles, added ability activate sound
8. Fixed player rockets turning and not playing hit sound, gave all missiles a parent object so standardise their behaviour
9. Added more volume sliders and fixed sliders not starting at their appropriate ratio
10. Fixed the volume variable not saving, it was using the resolution_width variable instead
11. Fixed Havok and Hurricane rockets being off target at certain angles, changed their starting position from x,y+20 to 10 to the left of the Havok, and increased Havok attack speed from .01 to .02, Fixed MMV missiles being all shot at the same time, added an initial delay to them, gave them a cooldown, fixed Hurricane A only recharging TNNP missiles when stopped or without a target
12. XAdded a sound effect for when a player tries to use an ability that cannot work, used the “NO” sound for when a unit cannot move
13. Reduced Longbow missile turn speed from 10 to .5 and made it start in the direction the unit is facing
14. Fixed ship abilities not loading their hotkeys from the options save file
15. Fixed Allies Railgun tower being a player unit causing the game to crash when trying to give it upgrades, having the turret model, not using the order_attack function to attack
16. Units with no max movespeed now cannot be ordered to move
17. Fixed the unit portraits not showing at the bottom of the screen, moved the group number down and aligned with the unit number, limited the unit name to 4 letters
18. Fixed draw_arc on firing angles drawing not enough lines to make an arc if the angle was too close to 0 degrees
19. Fixed enemies shooting missiles at the Mainbase even if it was out of range
20. Added a system message sound effect
21. Optimised the Rebel plasma shot ability to not detect linear collisions every step it is ready to fire, made Orage and Freedom only fire when a player unit is in range, made their the Orage ‘s shots red instead of blue, made the Freedom’s EMP explosion have a transparent warning circle and a solid explosion circle that lasts 20 steps and added different messages for each attack
22. XAdded a new small font and replaced the grid numbers in game with it, increased the height of the in game portrait box buttons and gave them button text instead of written text, the tooltip for the vision mode button now has different text and tooltips depending on the mode it’s in
23. Large EMP’s now effect missiles, shutting them down
24. Player missiles now use the missile_all object’s triggers
25. Added sound effects for the Battlecruiser power states, and added missile down sounds to the sound list so their volume can be changed, actually now made the sound effects for ability OK and ability NO
26. Added a game warning message that shows multiple important points on the map
27. Fixed Praetor’s Laser Sniper not having any way to be unlocked, and having Magshield tech listed as the requirement. I think I wanted it to have laser range research as a requirement but never implemented it or replaced the words “magshield tech” with laser tech. Fixed the tooltip including the ” “+” ” which was part of the code and split it into two paragraphs, fixed it not recognising it was still active after the first shot which made it move instead of just cancelling when right clicked, gave it the proper cursor sprite, and added a range indicator to it
28. The scram ground gun, beam ground gun, Gunbarrow’s Rocket Barrage, and the Mortar Fire now fire when you release the left mouse button instead of when you press it to work properly with the draw_mouse_target function
29. Fixed deployed units being able to return to their ship even when offline, and made them use the move command to go back instead of running i’s own movement function so they have any speed effects applied

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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