Slizer: BMS v1.18b5

Release Date: 28/9/16
1. Missile death text messages have been moved down and to the right to better see the death animation, and doubled the missile deceleration
2. Gunbarrow’s Rocket Barrage cooldown is now proportional to the amount of rockets fired with the new cooldown being 2 seconds per rocket fired, fixed ability icon not being gray when on cooldown, set the cooldown to be in seconds, fixed it firing more rockets than it had ammo for if there were more targets than ammo remaining, this fixed a bug that would crash the game where it tried to fire at more targets than it had acquired, and fixed the tooltip showing up as the ability text when out of ammo
3. Gunbarrow’s Siege Mode now increases Howitzer and Rocket Barrage range
4. Explorator’s Explorer drone ability now shows “RTRN” if the drone is returning, and fixed the drone not using the explorer drone ability image
5. Added an image to show there are no images available in the Personnel section of the Library and moved the basic info to the right of the image
6. Added a sound files image for the sound tab of the options menu, added the sound name and directory in the tooltip, made a list of shortened sound file names for the button text and the directory, and made the text part of the button
7. Extra Battlecruiser missiles now will not use up ammo unless on a new story mission while simulations will not, fixed AP missiles reducing the amount of AM missiles you have instead of AP fixed the Bellator using its extra missiles before using its normal missiles, fixed the Venator, Mariner and Millian crashing the game because they did not have the test variable to see if a missile had been used, fixed the LE missiles crashing the game when used on ships other than the Bellator because it did not assign the fuel variable
8. Fixed Battlecruiser Lab not showing ship buttons because it used the old unit list, optimised it by removing it going through the unit list to find which ships were owned, fixed the buttons being of the wrong ship, fixed always showing 2 missile bays regardless of how many bays the ship had, fixed the space between buttons being more than the background, fixed missiles with a lower index being assigned to the same missile bay if the previous missile in that bay had a higher index
9. Fixed ability tooltips not updating their hotkeys, and fixed a bug that only happened when I changed the ability tooltips’ variable name where it would claim that the array index was out of bounds. How that didn’t happen before I don’t know
10. Extra Battlecruiser missiles now have tooltips and text and fixed them overlapping other abilities
11. Ability button x and y locations are now stored in an array instead of as variables, which optimises the ability drawing function, fixed the tooltip area as being one pixel too little in the right and downward directions when using tooltips but not buttons on ability buttons, and set the ability_number variable on ships to match the amount of abilities they start with or have, not the total they can have
12. Set the Ion Shotgun, ECM, Holographic image, and Laser Rifle to require research
13. Added Deploy and Return unit sound effects
14. Fixed flares crashing the game when missiles tries to hit them because they did not have a target but still tried to damage it, fixed flares moving towards their target instead of just moving in a straight line
15. Added a sound effect for invisibility
16. Added a sound effect for invisibility
17. Fixed Moonrunner Flare ability showing much less range that it has, increased the range from 200 to 250, fixed it showing the cursor with of the target mouse image, doubled set its flare duration to 20 seconds, made the number of flared fired dependent on the distance of the mouse to the unit, decreased its flare radius
18. Rewrote the Hoverplanes section, added Hover Tech and Airship sections, and added to the Plasma section
19. Added sound effects for deploying drones, deploying a unit at less than full health, beam guns turning on and off
20. Optimised the enemy invisibility so it only tries to turn off when on
21. Added sound effects for AML, speed boost abilities, EMP’s, flares, smoke, RIMS, Siege Mode, Jammers, Laser cannons, SL shields, Warping, Images, Railguns, Suppression fields, Magshields Mirage, Starburst and Starburst shot, mortars, paladin shield
22. Story text is now shown partially going from start to finish
23. Updated the Revenant’s description
24. Updated the description of the Mortar and Sprayer Turrets
25. Fixed Strarslash’s Starburst ability not showing as available or active, and made the energy cost dependent on the current speed and damage
26. Added a volume slider for abilities and enemy abilities
27. Added battlecruiser ship plans
28. Reworked the Wraith’s weapon cooldown ability. It now starts at 0 heat instead of 100, it cools down even when not firing, heats up slower, and instead of reloading when the reloaded bar reaches a certain point, it increases he reload speed allowing the reload bar to fully charge
29. Fixed images leaving a shot line to where they last shot. Now they don’t shoot at all, which means fewer calculations done, and also it didn’t really make sense because they’d do 0 damage anyway and the enemy would figure that out.

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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