Slizer: BMS v1.18b6

Release Date: 10/10/16
1. Fixed the Unit Types tutorial crashing the game because the units were not saved to the proper variable names, which also fixed it not highlighting the units, fixed the Print Certificate button not allowing the tutorial to continue because it didn’t end the current stage
2. Fixed the missile turret crashing the game in the unit types tutorial because it did not have an ambush transparency to go back to after going out of ambush, by making a parent unit for all player buildings
3. Fixed the Print Certificate button in the Advanced Orders tutorial not allowing the tutorial to continue because it didn’t end the current stage
4. Fixed the Shield tutorial message in the Battlecruiser tutorial showing at the bottom right for shields or slightly down and to the left when off, fixed battlecruiser not being removed at the end of the tutorial
5. Fixed the Targeting tutorial crashing the game when trying to issue an order to the player unit to attack but used a variable the unit didn’t have, fixed typos “determined” to “determines”, “made” to “many”, “is ready to fire” to “are ready to fire”, “reload it” to “reloads it”, “Fast moving units are harder to hit” to “Fast moving units take longer to aim at”, and changed “physics” to “ballistics”, and other changes.
6. Wraiths heat number drawn under them has been removed. It was only used for testing purposes
7. Tutorials now do not use the partial text scrolling feature in story messages, to make it easier to read, and replaced all the tutorial story message senders from “MAINBASE” to “TUTORIAL”
8. Fixed battlecruiser icons in the battlecruiser shop only showing the Praetor as selected and gave them a highlighted image and the upgrades only showing for the Praetor by removing the ship_i variable that was being used instead of the “ship” variable, and added Battlecruiser plan images, and added a text box, and fixed the ability number not being reset when selecting a different ship causing it to try to find a non existent ability for the ship and crashing the game
9. The message type text in story messages is now drawn with the small text font
10. Fixed mission 2’s allied Praetor unit not using the make_unit function and therefore not having the write art style, also made all allied units made in make_unit have the make_enemy function in it (to make them allies, despite the function’s name)
11. Fixed units with the Anti Missile Weapon State ability immediately stopping instead of decelerating when activating the ability
12. Passive Flares, AMPS, now require the unit to be online in order to launch
13. Added a boot up screen to change game modes, added a new boot up button image, added a boot up button in the ABMS log in screen, and added a button to get back to the log in screen once logged in in ABMS
14. Fixed a probably rare bug where the tooltip timer variable did not exist and was crashing the game when trying to draw a tooltip. Probably from the mouse being on top of something with a tooltip when starting a new room (was going into ABMS or BMS from the boot menu when it happened)
15. The start menu now removed the side buttons when logging in
16. Updated the Mainbase, Messenger, and Aircraft icons in the mission menu and fixed a mistake in the Mainbase icon
17. Moved the abilities box up to align with the armor box in the planning room, added a weapons box, and fixed the typo “drag to move all selected unit” to “drag to move all selected units”, fixed “unit’+”‘”+’s direction” to “units’ direction”, removed periods from “remove it.” and “cancel orders.'”, “Order units to stop, cancel orders’.” to “order unit to stop, cancel orders'”, “Designate unit” to “designate unit”, “[1-0] Press a number” to “[0-9] press a number”
18. Wraith’s Mirage ability now can be deactivated and gave it a starting energy cost again
19. Replaced all instances of the word “player” in the tutorial with “friendly”
20. Added a sub box for boxes inside other boxes. Used it on the ability box in the Battlecruiser lab and added it in the Mainbase Lab, and fixed the ability name not showing in the screen
21. The simulation room now also shows a target mouse image when placing any unit instead of just for aircraft
22. Ship Battles now use Allies ships too
23. Allies ships now have a laser type weapon as default, fixing the DeGaulle having a plasma weapon
24. Fixed Ship Battle mode not turning off sounds when leaving the game by adding a new function to handle transitions with the game and menus
25. Fixed The Freyr and Freya crashing the game because they tried to send a warning message when activating their abilities in the planning stage
26. Added a box in the Laboratory saying Projects and added sub boxes, and moved them down
27. Updated Mainbase to use normal moveattack command so it doesn’t change target if it had one before
28. Error messages in the menus now have their “ERROR” text changed to the small font and were moved down and to the right
29. Fixed missions 11-18 not having message types in the mission briefings

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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