Slizer: BMS v1.18b7

Release Date: 15/11/16
1. The sound options menu now has buttons to bring up the individual sound buttons in their groups to save space, and moved the individual volume slider to the right to not overlap the other sliders, and fixed the enemy flare text saying emp_small
2. The mission briefing now has the messenger type font changed to the small font, added an icon to show that there is no communication sound, removed the “COM” part from the waves box before “STABLE” and added a percent next to it for the amount of bars
3. The Banshee now has vectored movement, reduced range from 400 to 250, reduced damage from 25 to 15, reduced sniper mode range from 1000 to 800, sniper mode damage from 200 to 100, sniper mode reload speed from .02 to .01
4. Fixed Reaper being used instead of Reaper Hell in the Ghost unit list
5. Fixed bug that causeed the last player made unit to count as two units, causing its name and stats to not show up, and optimised the way the UI used the total number of player, enemy, and total units by setting them to centralised variables instead of recounting every time it needed them
6. Ship battles can now be paused
7. Added an ability for mechs to avoid missiles
8. Fixed Princeps base damage being 20 instead of 15, and Princeps damage decreased from 20 to 15
9. Pause menu has new background
10. Added weather conditions text and images for each mission briefing, changed mission 18’s location to Danmarkshavn, and added a new story message sound effect when going to the next message
11. The list in the mail room now shows the most recent first, made the Allies and Rebels text fit in their buttons, made the to/from text lighter
12. Armor applied to units in the Planning Room now have a weight cost Anti-weapon armors are now designated as heavy an increases a unit’s mass by 25%, Reactive armor plasma and explosive protection increased from 25 to 30%, Reflective armor laser protection decreased from 50 to 40%, Fixed the Laser armor explosive protection being -100% /2) and changed it to 10% (.1), added extra text to tooltips for heavy armor and charge armor
13. The weapon loadout function no longer has the unit upgrade function included in it
14. Updated the PAV art in the Library and fixed it to say Propulsion Assist Vehicle instead of Ambush Mode
15. Added an option to change the unit display name font, increased the size of the top windows in the art tab of the options menu, and showed the display name with lines and box on the unit shown, and moved the units to the left and down
16. Added LEMP Generator ability to Mainbase
17. Planning room now shows the correct enemy units and their images are now only shown when hovered over
18. Added non-ability key rebinding, added an indicator to show which button is being rebound, removed army orders from units and optimised the army orders in the UI
19. Added Weapon types’ armor damage to the Library, stored the armor damage in the game object, optimised the weapon icon determination to be stored instead of determined every step, added the Explosive weapon damage type to the library, and fixed the Urdswan and Ally ships not updating it’s targeting and accuracy stats when switching information
20. Missiles now no longer continue to target undetected invisible units
21. Optimised nearest_unit script by making all of the variables that were supposed to be local into local variables fixing some units not being able to detect others because they were using the detection variable of the inivisible unit instead of their own (not sure this was actually an issue)
22. Added a game intro sound
23. Libritor now switches between its two weapons, and gave them their own damage stats since they only had accuracy and targeting stats
24. Fixed Allies ships having a detection level of 1 and not being able to see passively cloaked units
25. Added the extra ship plan images to the battlecruiser shop when mousing over the image
26. Fixed mechs not being able to be picked up once shut down
27. Reduced Armillian weapon 1 damage from 20 to 10 and weapon 2 reload speed from .25 to .15
28. Added secondary weapons to Aileram, Veritas, Arma, Luminus, and Starstrike, Mechs can now switch weapons, and the weapon swap mechanic as been moved to the UI and removed from battlecruisers, fixed Mainbase not using secondary weapon accuracy and targeting stats, removed the secondary weapons on the Princeps, Triarus, Rammer. Fixed the Bellator and Executor weapons showing how many cannons they had from the old weapon speed system
29. Zero and Veritas weapon 2 targeting speed and time fixed so that they don’t apply to weapon 1 with array entry 0

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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