Slizer: BMS v1.18b8

Release Date: 23/11/16
1. Veritas primary weapon fixed from being a laser to a blade
2. Unit name backgrounds are now sized based on the font of the name
3. Arma attack speed decreased from .01 to .005
4. Added the game intro beeps to the sound list
5. Added a secondary for the Banshee
6. Added a notification for enemies decloaking and made a function for the plasma stealth ability
7. Luminus sniper mode attack speed decreased from .02 to .006
7. Added sound effects for when new units spawn
8. Luminus attack speed decreased from .04 to .02
9. Fixed player units being able to continue hitting their target even if it turned invisible
10. Imperator secondary weapon reload speed decreased from .025 to .02
11. Options menu has been renamed Settings
12. Starstrike damage reduced to from 100 to 50
13. Optimised player units by removing an extra piece of code that reset the selectable variable
14. Mainbase fixed not being able to receive advanced orders by moving the advanced orders from the player_units object to the UI object, also optimising units for lag
15. Veritas damage decreased from 25 to 16
16. Added Starburst tech to the Library
17. Mission 8 now gives more time for player units to enter and fires missiles automatically, changed “STEAL” alert to “SECURE/CAPTURE”, changed other text, delayed attacks, made it use the planning room, removed valkyies spawned, removed Mainbase from Planning and reduced max ships to 0
18. Armiger abilities now only work when it is online, increased pummel cooldown from 10 to 20 seconds
19. Laser cannons now cannot hit ground units unless specifically targeted and optimised it Fixed ground units switching to air when coming out of ambush mode, optimised Laser ability, gave player_units the ambush script
20. Praetor and Enemy Praetor turning speed reduced from 2 to 1, DeGaulle turning speed reduced from 2.5 to 1.2, Libritor turning speed reduced from 1.5 to .8,
21. Fixed Alt bug again somehow happening. Added left and right alt bug fixes
22. Armillian secondary weapon targeting speed decreased from 45 to 20
23. Added text to the pause screen indicating that a battle or simulation is in progress
24. Added an e-mail for an incident report
25. Buildings now don’t try to move in the avoid_attack script
26. Striker and Moonrunner turn speed decreased from 2 to 1 and 2 to 1.2
27. Starburst damage decreased from 250 to 180
28. Added an e-mail about finances
29. Added a player destroyers parent and decreased their rotational acceleration from 1/second to 2/second

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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