Slizer: BMS v1.18b9

Release Date: 8/12/16
1. Reaper and Aquila turn speed decreased from 2 to .8
2. Added unit spawned sounds to sound list
3. Fixed sound menu showing an extra sound file when first opening it
4. Fixed “an” to “and” in the Simulation button tooltip and made it shorter
5. Fixed mouse getting stuck in casting an ability if the unit becomes unselected by adding a cancel hotkey to the UI
6. Fixed Magshield ability not using custom hotkeys
7. Added extra content to mission 6
8. Starmaker primary weapon range increased from 200 to 225
9. Added planning equipment hotkeys to the hotkeys menu
10. Urdswan targeting time for the secondary weapon increased from 25 to 50, third weapon from 28 to 55, and accuracy on primary weapon decreased from 25 to 20
11. Added hotkeys to the planning equipment tooltips
12. Help menu now only shows its button when available, it is now a button, hotkey can now be rebound and now has brackets around it to indicate it is a hotkey, title in the help menu now has a different font
13. Resources and Supply indicators now only show the numbers next to the icons, and have tooltips with further explanations
14. Tutorial name changed from “Basics of Real Time Strategy” to “Basics of Battle Management Systems”
15. Unit selection has been moved to the UI object to optimise performance
16. Triarus range decreased from 400 to 185
17. Added a “Basics of Battle Management Systems” file to the Help section of the Library
18. Enemy stats in BMS mechanics moved out of the minimap code
19. Friendly allied units now have their stats shown as an enemy
20. Destroyers no longer try to move in the avoid_attack script
21. Reaper Hell turn speed decreased from 2 to .9, Spectre from 5 to 1.2, revenant from 2 to 1.1
22. Turn speed for the tempest reduced from 1 to .8, Stormbringer from 1 to .8, Tempest II from 1 to .75, and the Hunter from 1 to .9
23. Added Venator Plans
24. Turn speed for the Desolator reduced from 1.5 to .6, Bartail from 1 to .7, Seagull from 1 to .7, Aquila 2 from 2.5 to 1
25. Mission 8 starting time increased
26. Triarus damage decreased from 20 to 15, fixed Defender damage on the Triarus being 5, Princeps damage decreased from 12 to 8, Starmaker secondary weapon attack speed reduced from .04 to .02, Starslash reload speed decreased from .1 to .65, secondary damage decreased from 18 to 16, Princeps reload speed decreased from .05 to .04
27. Added two EMP missiles to mission 3
28. Player units in mission 4 moved up and set the Urdswan spawn to happen only after the player has started attacking
29. Pathfinder damage decreased from 5 to 2

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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