Slizer: BMS v1.18b11

Release Date: 9/1/17
1. Unit upgrades now only apply if it is on the unit list, fixing the PAV crashing the game
2. Updated the Messenger messages, removed extra spaces and moved the messages below the names to compensate
3. Updated e-mails
4. Updated “Gameplay” section in the options menu to “BMS Settings”, replaced “game.” with “BMS.” in the Damage Text tooltip, Ability Buttons tooltip from “be usable with hotkeys.” to “being usable with hotkeys.”, Solid Units button tooltip updated from “Turn on to have player units collide into other player units and enemy units collide into enemy units. This can be turned off to improve performance.” to “Turn on to have units collide into other units of the same faction.##This can be turned off to improve performance.”, updated Anti Aliasing button tooltip from “game speed depending on your system” to “system speed depending on hardware”, replaced “game” for “BMS” in the GUI resolution button tooltip, replaced “player” with “friendly” in the unit name box button tooltip
5. Lowered weapon type sounds volume from .4 to .25 and reduced default volume of the OK sound
6. Fixed Arbiter abilities being listed in the database in the wrong order and therefore using the wrong tooltips
7. Fixed the old Player AI button still being on the right side of the screen
8. Fixed player heavy missiles overriding the individual missile’s ability to detonate when out of fuel
9. Fixed mission briefing arrows being offset
10. Added the total number of e-mails to the tooltips of the faction buttons in the e-mails menu
11. Fixed the folders in the sound menu having the files image
12. Fixed army orders being applied to allied units
13. Fixed Praetor reload speed being .04 instead of .004
14. Fixed mission logs crashing the game because the first campaign’s name wasn’t set to the right variable, and moved the “Submit Report” text down
15. Error message on Mainbase Status button on mission 9 now says “No signal detected” instead of “no connection detected”
16. Mission 7 now gives the player 2 Reapers
17. Imperator secondary targeting speed decreased from 50 to 25 and targeting time increased from 60 to 100
18. Added an About section in the options menu
19. The Planning cursor now has its own cursor for placing units, and it changes colour when no units of the selected type are remaining, standardised building buttons not turning off the unit model being drawn on the cursor when you run out of units because it was using the aircraft variables
20. The help menu button is now a question mark icon without text
21. Moved the terrain sidebar buttons to the top left, vision mode now draws below most of the UI
22. Ships now have all their abilities only active if they are online
23. Added a Large EMP alert with a symbol for it
24. Fixed Striker Railguns having full ammunition when cancelling and then recasting the ability
25. Set the default game background colour to dark gray
26. Fixed ship icons in game being set to the first type by default, set coloured names to be default
27. Moved the unit stats boxes down and split it into sections
28. Fixed Shards crashing the game if there was no target for the ship
29. Added a shortened faction logo at the top left of the screen in game with lines to connect it to the ship portraits that shows when you have at least one battlecruiser

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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