Boring Games

Here’s some games I find extremely boring. Don’t feel offended if you like them, maybe I just don’t understand the appeal. It’s just my opinions, not particularly well thought through. It’s OK to like different things. So here’s my current opinion on these games:

FarCry (Except Vaas/Pagan Min)

  • It feels like CoD in an open world.
  • The choices of how to approach an enemy base seem like one trick pony gimmicks. None of them seemed interesting or cool to me.
  • The random animal interactions also seem like one trick pony gimmicks. Once you’ve seen it happen (like for example, in the trailer), it doesn’t really add much to the game. Some people were really impressed by the random crazy experiences they had by chance with animals attacking each other or enemies, but none of it ever really impressed me.
  • The resource gathering sounds like work. Collecting flowers and mushrooms for potion stuff sounds just like herbalism from WoW, and hunting and skinning animals also sounds like a dull chore. I don’t want to spend my time in a game doing stuff like that, it essentially amounts to farming because it doesn’t seem fun.

Dark Souls

  • Theres lore, but not much story. I’m not as interested in lore as I am in a narrative story arc, but it would be OK if it weren’t such dark and depressing lore.
  • The gameplay is very generic. It’s basically just another action/third person RPG as far as I can tell. Dodging, rolling, heavy and light attacks are nothing new and aren’t enough to interest me. It also seems like very heavy combat, which I don’t want in a third person game.
    • Darksiders has the same idea of rolling to avoid an attack, and timing your own attacks to make sure you don’t get hit. It’s not as punishing, but I don’t find punishing games particularly more fun. Darksiders has a cinematic narrative with dialogue and characters with personalities, that extends to the first game (and hopefully to the sequels), as well as a lot of spells and spectacle fighter type combo moves, which offers far more options instead of the fewer options Dark Souls seem to offer. I played Darksiders using a lot of magic and only the basic combos, with some rolling. To play a game that mostly consists of rolling seems very limited.
  • The difficulty isn’t a selling point for me. I understand why it would be, but alone along with the other dull features this game has, it’s not appealing at all.

The Division (except the PvP idea)

  • Generic third person cover shooter.
  • Time to Kill is too low for me.
  • Setting doesn’t offer much but it’s OK.
  • There aren’t really any interesting, new, or novel mechanics, or even takes on mechanics other than the PvP extraction and tension.

Fallout 4

  • The dialogue system was gutted.
  • The power armor system seems too limited by the power cores. Some people might like that though.
  • Having to take care of the settlement doesn’t seem like fun, it seems like work having to make sure everything is working properly, and the house building system seems boring because it’s all post apocalyptic.
  • The choices you make don’t seem to be that important or at least interesting.
  • The least RPG (and hence the worst in my opinion) of the Fallout series.

The Witcher Series

  • Mechanically sound but not interesting to me. Fairly generic gameplay.
  • Thematically dark and too medieval, which I don’t like. I prefer fantasy medieval over the more realistic gritty medieval setting.
  • Violence and nudity.
  • Taking potions before fights sounds kind of cool, but it also seems a bit dull in practice because you’re just sitting down and drinking something that gives some effect for the battle. It’s not like it turns you into a demon or something. Also it seems like a lot of emphasis and work for something so small (I’m not sure how useful or powerful the potions actually are). I also don’t like timed buffs because it stresses me out since I try to make the most of them by rushing to make sure I do whatever it is before they run out.
  • I watched the beginning of Witcher 1 and the prologue of Witcher 2 and thought the story and characters were only moderately interesting.

Stardew Valley

  • It’s like they took an RPG or something and removed all the fun mechanics. Most of the mechanics in this game as very boring:
    • Literal Farming. I don’t enjoy planting things, watering them, and waiting to collect them in games.
    • Mining. This is just a repetitive action.
    • Simplistic one button combat.
    • Being forced to return to your house every night, otherwise losing your items.
    • Mundane activities such as dances and other social events.
  • These are mechanics that are often introduced into other games out of necessity, but they are not engaging, strategic, skillful, or creative. These are chores, not fun.
  • The theme is quite dull, as it is mostly a real life quiet town.
  • The only redeemable mechanics in my opinion are:
    • The romance system, which is still very simple as it seems to mostly rely on buying the person presents they like. While this is functional and acceptable, it is not progressive as it portrays relationships as being attained through purchasing things for people.
    • Exploration, but there honestly doesn’t seem like theres that much to explore.
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