Dev Advice- Levels and Assets

I’ve been naming all the assets for individual levels in my games based on the number they’re played in. So the level for mission 1 is called “rm_mission_1”, the map is called “bkgd_mission_1”, etc. Today I added some extra levels and realised i had to rename the rest of the missions so they all corresponded to the right number. I’ve probably done this before, but now that he game is more advanced I realised I had used these names to refer to specific art assets. Now I’ll have to go and figure out what scripts and objects were using specific level assets, and change all the names individually. The mission briefings for example sometimes use the background of the mission you’re about to go into, so I’ll have to go find all the times I referred to specific assets, otherwise they’ll be using the wrong ones.

Instead, I think it would be best to name your assets something that isn’t relative to everything else. Give them a unique name, like desert_base or surround_ambush. This way you’ll know what they correspond to just by reading the name (instead of a number that might not remind you what the level was about) and you won’t have to rename them.

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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