Slizer: BMS v1.18b13

Release Date: 11/2/17
1. Added a new mission 1
2. Redid the tutorial messages animation
3. Units now decelerate from speeds beyond their max speed
4. Fixed Messenger crashing when trying to draw 5 characters after mission 10
5. Updated internal E-mails and Messenger messages
6. Added a button in game to turn on unit name colours
7. Released Mongoose as the “Some Interceptor”
8. Updated e-mails and made them appear one mission earlier
9. Added Marseille Military Base to the map in Navigation
10. Spaced out Terrain and AI buttons in game
11. Moved text in battlecruiser ability bars down and to the right, extended length of bar
12. PAV now accelerates to max speed, and has the mass of the unit inside added to it to change acceleration, and set their indicated speed to be equal to their actual speed, set reload speed to 0, removed firing angles, and set weapon range equal to the distance it can travel, set the detection range and detection to 0, fixed clicking on it counting as a double click to select all other PAV’s
13. Added a highlighted version of models to show they’re selected, and standardised two extra unit model art versions to all units, enabled the extra two art styles in the options menu
14. Added two extra missions
15. Added requirements text in the Laboratory for the RIMS research
16. The RIMS module now has its own variable to designate its enemy type
17. Fixed EMP rockets crashing the game if no player ships existed
18. Added an enemy Pelican unit and assigned the player pelican its model that was unused
19. Added an outline when the mouse is over a unit
20. Unit stats are now saved and are automatically updated to be accurate
21. Added Ammo Type Ability to Pummeler
22. Replaced player Pelican units with enemy Pelican unit in the Allies unit list
23. Updated mission 2 map with roads
24. Added enemy units stats to the library
25. Aileram repair speed decreased from .02 to .01
26. Updated mission 4 map with roads
27. Ambush mode now has charge instead of a timer
28. Added descriptions of the Pummeler and Sabotage Boat
29. Pummeler primary weapon damage decreased from 40 to 22

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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