Slizer: BMS v1.18b14

Release Date: 20/2/17
1. Wraith’s stealth energy drain cost decreased from 1 to .5 per second, doubling its duration
2. Added selected image for the player PAV
3. Allies units now have selected images
4. Fixed direction of Pelicans in the Toulouse Base (mission 8)
5. Mission text and Optional Mission titles in the Mission Menu now use the 5x5HQ title font
6. Fixed Mainbase status button no being pressable on mission 9 instead of mission 11
6. Mission menu font size from 36 to
7. E-mail faction buttons’ tooltips now show the total and unread messages
8. Rebel units now have selected images
9. Multiple enemy units can now be selected and deselected by clicking on them.
10. Fixed Mainbase trying to draw the max amount of EMP missiles which wasn’t known, and crashing the game
11. Fixed Toulouse Base (mission 8) using mission 7’s ending
12. Updated the Toulouse Base (mission 8)’s map
13. Urdswan in mission 8 is now offline
14. Moved message type text further blow message text for story dialogue in game
15. Toulouse Base (mission 8) now has full triggers
16. Selecting multiple enemy units now requires holding the shift key
17. Target Ally ability now only draws image on units if they are visible
18. Enemy Praetor and the DeGaulle now only use abilities when offline
19. Added mission log for Toulouse Base (mission 8)
20. Sounds now cut off all other instances of the same sound playing, instead of only playing if there are no instances of the same sound
21. Fixed Shield Collapse ability not checking to see if the emitting unit existed, crashing the game when it didn’t
22. Added triggers for Fake Slizer Base (mission 9)
23. Fixed planning triggers applying to the wrong mission du to the new two missions 8 and 9 that were added
24. The flagship box at the op left of the screen in game now doesn’t show when in planning mode
25. Allies units now do not fire missiles at the Mainbase if they cannot detect it
26. Fixed highlighting invisible enemies when mousing over them
27. Fixed EMP Missiles not checking if their test target existed (if the target was invisible, the test target came back as nothing) before trying to detonate, crashing the game
28. Added a mission log for Fake Slizer Base (mission 9)
29. Mainbase now has ambush triggers

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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