Slizer: BMS v1.18b15

Release Date: 5/3/17
1. Moved the starting position for Fake Slizer Base (mission 9) up too be around the transports
2. Updated mission 2’s map
3. Added EMP Missile Silos and Reaper Hell units to Slizer Base (mission 9)
4. Moved the Warning message from the UI object to the game object
5. Added a warning message when entering mission 9
6. Updated Striker plans
7. Added Bordeaux military base to the map
8. Map bases now have tooltips
9. Added mission briefing minimaps for the new missions 8 and 9
10. Missions 8 and 9 now have their own mission briefing visuals
11. Mission 9 (Fake Slizer Base) now has Pelicans in the planning room instead of already placed in the mission
12. Added Pelican to player unit list
13. Pelican display am changed from “PELIN” to “PELN”
14. Weapons with attack damage lower than the target’s armor now deal no health damage
15. Added a “deletable” variable to units in the planning stage to simplify what can be deleted
16. Units with no selected image now show a circle when moused over
17. Enemy missile display name changed from “ENMY MSSL” to “ENMY_MSSL”
18. Text alerts are now shown below units Text alerts now and fixed the background going outside of the box
19. Fixed entering the simulation room causing the pause menu to send you back to the simulation room from story missions (and maybe from other modes too?)
20. Updated unit type icons and fixed the enemy unit type icons in the simulation room being in front of the buttons
21. Added e-mails for Markov being put under investigation, and fixed typo in e-mail for mission 11 “Lieutenant Colonel Markov has been identifies” to “Lieutenant Colonel Markov has been identified”
22. The Praetor in mission 2 now accelerates when it gets 60% of the way across the map
23. Added a sound effect for entering menus and for pressing buttons
24. Fixed text boxes backgrounds going outside of the outlines
25. Added a reactor Image and text to the power tab of the Mainbase Status room
26. Text alerts now delete old text alerts if they are from the same attacking unit
26. Added a settings menu for cheats (type ‘zero’ in the missions menu to access it)
27. Fixed Messenger showing “Mainbase” in the contacts list instead of the player account name
28. Removed the Mission Select button unless the player has finished the game or turns it on with cheats
29. Tutorial button now has a blue version of its icon and made buttons for the Aircraft and Ship Battle mode buttons.

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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